Wednesday, January 19, 2011

"The deep breath before the plunge"

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Not a regularly scheduled post, I know, but I'm excited and I wanted to share. Yesterday, I picked up a pen and pulled out a notebook whilst sitting at "The Job". I started writing. I didn't pay attention, I just let the story take over.

The story is wise.

Our stories create us, not the other way around. Fear prevents us from letting those stories free. Fear of what we will become. Fear of the responsibility that will come from that change. Fear of those who may (and will) reject us for the change that is inevitable.

The story is truth.

When we try to control the telling of the tale, we interject our own judgements. We inadvertently lie. Keep yourself away from the telling. Let the story tell it. You can edit its rough grammar, paunchy prose or suggestive swear words later. If you must.

The story is consuming.

It burns through your veins like fire and clogs your arteries with its ash. The only freedom is to let it loose, spill it out over the page or keys. Blindly trust, as in love. For storytelling is love, is has to be. If you don't love your story, you won't sacrifice. If you don't sacrifice, you won't give birth. And if you don't give birth, the truth will remain hidden, suffocate and die.

Trust your story.

So hard.
So necessary.
But think of it this way.
Your story trusts you. If it didn't, you would not have been chosen. Rest in that trust. You were chosen, not widdershins.


(ps: i could buy every bracelet this lady makes. every. single. one of them.)


  1. This is AMAZING Jen. So true and so...well said.


  2. Well put...I loved reading this. Nice to meet you.
    N. R. Williams, fantasy author

  3. Love, love, love this post! I love the stories that consume us--it makes writing them so much more powerful!

  4. So true! There's nothing better, really, than diving into a story.

  5. Trust your story. Indeed, indeed. Trust it hard and trust it long... long past the point others trust it :)

    Love this post. Thanks for visiting my blog and for your comments.

  6. This is very well-written and some very wise words. Each person is defined by a story, so true. Thanks for getting me to think and for the inspiration!


  7. Very well said! I love "the story trusts you" - never looked at it that way before. What a patient story!


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