A thought doth vex me

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Perhaps vex is too strong a word. More of a nagging, a niggling. You know, that little tapping of a thought you get in the back corridor of your mind.

There's this door, see, down that long, dark hallway called imagination. It's at the very end. We all have one. For some reason, mine's always locked.

The hallway is filled with looking glasses and in every one I see a reflection of a story - past, present, future. Character and plot renditions of my self. Many, many layers.

Back to this door.


A source of constant preoccupation. Distraction from job, school, family. From the current WIP. Lately it's doubled it's efforts. Tip-tap now rattles BANG-BANG! I'm kept in a constant state of troubled awareness. This door, locked and chained. What's so desperate to get out?

The chains have fallen off.
All I have to do is open it.
The only thing that stands in the way?


I plan to open it this weekend.

Am I mad?
Yes. Most blissfully so.

Wander on,


  1. I hope you find something wonderful beyond the door of your imagination. :)

  2. Something amazing is waiting for you, I'm sure.

    ANd vexed is an AWESOME word.

  3. Vexed=always appropriate. I hope you get something good from behind that door!!


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