Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Been thinkin'...

Dangerous words, I know.

I set aside a couple of days a week (when I'm able) to catch up on my blog reading. It doesn't always work out the way I'd like. You can thank the gods of the telephone for that.

Today there was a reoccurring theme, one that my muse has been whispering for some time. He's now standing across the room from me (Yes, at work. He has no shame) giving me that "Told you so" look I hate. He knows that. That's why he does it. Have I mentioned my muse is evil?

Writing is scary. Or it can be, if you're writing about anything worth writing about. It's scary because when we put words on paper, they are there. Forever. Even if we delete them, throw them away, burn them, there are there. We've brought them forth from the aether and (even if for just a moment) they existed. And we never forget that.

Many times I fear what I'm writing because it's different. It's weird. Sometimes it scares me (content wise, not just the fact I'm doing something different). This fear, however, only comes after I've been writing a while. When I start, I'm free, I pound out words and I'm blown away by what's coming out. I'm not thinking about it. Not thinking...

Then, slowly, I start thinking. And all that awesome dwindles until my characters are cardboard and their words taste like sawdust. Problem? Thinking too much about what I'm writing and thinking too much about what others will think of it when it's out there.

Solution? Write like the hounds of hell are after you. Write like you've only got an hour to live. Write like your life depends upon it. Because it does. If you're a writer, it does.

And if your muse is like mine, you might just have an hour to live. Or have the hounds of hell after you. Yeah. I love my muse. Did I mention he's evil?


  1. I kept my blog a secret for long time because I was afraid of what people might think about what I was writing. It is scary.

  2. yeah i have to take time daily to write or my head will explode...no really its like the code on that season of LOST...smiles.

  3. I think I like the idea of writing like the hounds are after me...coz at the rate at which I procrastinate, someone would have to really let those hounds loose after me....

  4. Wow, the hound of Hell is your muse. Get crackin'! Hey, this is just the kick in the pants I need this week as I get ready to unveil my script. I need the ending to pack a punch, and I KNOW I'm holding back. Tomorrow, I'll write as if I don't give a damn. It's the only way.
    Athena, goddess of war, strategy and wisdom is my muse. Charge!!

  5. I work best with a deadline too. My mind wanders otherwise and I'm all dreamy and procrastinating. Nothing like a clock to get me fired up!

  6. Mine is really harsh too. But what would we do without them?

  7. "Write like the hounds of hell are after you." Oh I love that! what a challenge. yes, I will!

    I will write like I only have an hour to live.

    Challenge for you... write like no one else will ever read you :)

  8. oh yes--ze evil muses! this is such a great post--Write like the hounds of hell are after you. Write like you've only got an hour to live. Write like your life depends upon it. Because it does. If you're a writer, it does.
    must remember that from now on, esp since half the time i keep going, I WANT TO BE A WRITER BUT I ON'T WANT TO WRITE.
    im not the only one, right? :D

  9. I write frantically, with reckless abandon to get it out there. THEN, I go back and clean up the mess...

    It's the way to be.

  10. 2/17- Thanks for stopping by my blog today and leaving such kind comments! I pooped out of the BPB Blogfest because of internet problems. I figured you were over at my place because of that because I never get many comments except for family -and those few friends who do it out of pity! lol
    I love your posts! Can't wait to take some time and get to know Widdershins and Skeleton Keys. Thank you!

  11. Jen,
    One of my favorite writing books is called The Courage to Write: How Writers Transcend Fear, by Ralph Keyes. You might enjoy it ... and I need to get it out and read it again!


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