A Linking We Will Go

I LOVE links! I do! I love finding new websites, discovering new blogs, uncovering the mysteries of the known Inter-verse. Seeing as today finds my skull unfit for normal word composition, I thought I'd share a few links I've uncovered.

Any Urban Fantasy writers out there? If so, check out this article by literary agent Miriam Kriss, "Is There Still Room in Urban Fantasy?"

How many of you are (like me) a bit Twitter shy, Twitter unsure, or just plain Twitter annoyed? Well...read this article by Jeanne Veillette Bowerman, "Confessions of a Tweetaholic". What are your thoughts on Twitter? *There's no link to her personal site so I thought I'd add it here: Ramblings of a Recovering Insecureaholic. Great blog title! Great blog :D

On the other end of the spectrum, check out Jane Friedman's Writer's Digest blog, There are No Rules. Here she shares how you don't NEED to Facebook, blog or tweet.

Finally, if you're in need of a little pick me up, slap one of these lovely wallpapers on ye olde desktop and let the wisdom of these writerly giants prompt you to greatness.

Tell me what YOU think!

Spreading the bloggy love,


  1. Thanks for these great links! PS: Love the picture :o)

  2. Thanks for the links! Not a big twitter fan either.

  3. Thanks for the awesome links! I love Twitter -- I'm @NicoleDwrites there. Not yet a tweeteaholic, but getting there!

  4. Thanks for the links! I haven't ventured onto Twitter yet, maybe . . . someday.

  5. Your blog is such a lovely place :) I love it!

    And I *love* Twitter! It's immediate and pertinent. I can have "conversations". I feel connected. LOVE.


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