Thursday, February 17, 2011

Thursday Travels & Thank Yous

Behold! The mighty archaeopteryx!

The blogfest yesterday was too much fun! I met SCORES of new people and learned some pretty amazing curse words (what? oh, that wasn't the goal of the bad!). Plus, I learned I can read 120+ blogs in an 8 hour period of time providing they are only 10 answers long and make me guffaw out loud!

A HUGE thank you to each and every body who stopped by, left me a little comment and decided to follow me into the madness. Welcome and welcome :D May the archaeopteryx of abundant blessings perch upon your doorstep ;)


On to business...

I've been reading the most fantastic book called "The Way of the Traveler" by Joseph Dispenza. I've had it for years and have read it before (as noted by my gratuitous underlinings and dogeared pages). However, this time, I was struck by an oddity that made me giddy with glee: Writing is a LOT like traveling. In fact, I'd even be bold enough to proclaim that writing IS a journey and the beautiful wisdom Mr. Dispenza presents in this book could apply to the writer's way.

Ever heard the little diddy "Monday's child is fair of face"? It goes through the days of the week and gives a bit of a prediction for children born on each day. I was born on a Thursday. Surprise, surprise "Thursday's child has far to go". And my mother wonders why I can't just keep my feet planted on familiar soil.

So. Thursdays will be a bit of traveling music. I hope to draw from this travel book and others some semblance of wise words for writers. Heaven knows, I need the guide book entitled "How to Survive the Call of the Writer and the Perilous Journey that Follows".

Thoughts? Questions? Rotten tomatoes?


  1. I certainly hope there's no merit to the Monday's Child rhyme... because I was born on Wednesday. "Wednesday's child is full of woe".

    I always refer to my writing as a journey. The only question is if I can find my destination without getting lost!

  2. Journey on! I think many of your tales have a journey theme.

  3. nice...will have to check out that book...all about the traveling...

  4. I just wanted you know I'm trying to follow back but Blogger has an issue right now. I will not be defeated :)
    Jules @ Trying To Get Over The Rainbow

  5. I write about my travels on Thursday too! I'm looking forward to reading about your traveling music.

  6. Just dropped by to tell you that I have an award for you on my blog.


  7. Did I miss a blogfest?? There just isn't enough time to get around the blogroll, is there? Ugh. Thank goodness for Sunday around here--otherwise I would never catch up!

  8. I was born on Sunday - I can't remember what that rhyme is when it comes to Sunday! I love to travel, too.


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