Friday, March 25, 2011

Fear and the Art of Being BOLD

My blog seems to have adopted a theme. Over the past two weeks, "fear" and "being bold" have been cropping up in most of my posts. Oddly enough, I've been reading blog posts over this same time period dealing with the same issues. Hmmm, says I. It seems the universe has gifted me. But a theme? It seems so...cliche. So "thought out". So trite. So...



And I like it. Fear is the worst enemy to life. Some would argue self-doubt is the worst enemy to art but what is self-doubt if it's not just another type of fear? Fear is my biggest bugbear. It has haunted me since I was small and has driven my decisions for years. More and more I find myself drawn to things that scare people: movies, books, stories, tales, themes (there's that word again) that most people I know shy away from because they're not safe or their frightening or they bring up some hidden, dark portion of their own lives call to me.

So I've joined the Dark Side. It was inevitable. I've loved Darth Vader since I was four. :D

In keeping with the theme (still not excited about that word) of boldness, I've decided to do something everyday that scares me. No, I will not be jumping out of 365 airplanes or swallowing live tarantulas (that's just insanity...the tarantula thing, not the jumping out of airplanes). Most of what I would find frightening you may find silly.

Example: Wednesday, I went to the new library to get research material for my paper on censorship and book banning. A library. But it was new, I'd never been there before, and quiet places where I need to ask a lot of questions intimidates me. I've always felt I should already know everything going into a new situation. Silly? Maybe, but it's true. And it has caused me much anguish.

And I did it, asked my questions, got my research material, even chatted with the librarian about buying rings downtown.

But why stop there? I mean, why not do something REALLY daring, REALLY bold. Totally unexpected.

Like going from this:


It's not Photoshop people. It's permanent. And I love it. My husband loves it!

He gives it "two thumbs up" or he would, if he wasn't taking the picture. So I did it for him :D

What does this have to do with writing? Nothing. Everything. Looks like I'll be talking more about fear and taking chances and being bold. Stepping out of your comfort zone. You know, boot camp stuff like that. I might even yell. I might even post some excerpts from my book. *gulp* Now THAT'S frightening!

Done anything bold or crazy lately? Anything you know you should do but find you're afraid? In life or in books, boldness is the key to being yourself. The key to being fabulous.

And let's face it, we were all created to be fabulous! Happy weekend.

Rock on!


  1. I love your new look! And I agree, we have to step out and take a chance once in a while. It keeps us young!

  2. Jen, I loooove it! It's YOU! Yay, you! And you and your hub are a darling couple!

  3. Great post, AND I love your hair! You look fantastic!

    The idea of doing something every day that scares me kinda, er. . .scares me. But I guess that's the point. It is tough to step out of one's comfort zone. Looks like you've got a great start to it, though. :)

  4. Ah! I loved this post and your hair is awesome! :D

  5. I LOVE the hair color!! Isn't it fun to be able to do that??? Good for you--taking risks and doing new things is good for you every once in awhile. :)

  6. Oh my goodness, I LOVE your new hair! How fun! And I am so stealing the idea of doing some little thing each day that scares me. What an amazing way to live life!

  7. Great post! I do agree you need to be bold. The boldest thing I've done was have someone critique my query letter. Not just any query letter but the first one I've ever written. It wasn't nearly as scary as I thought it would be. *laughs*

    I love the new hair color, and your Sherlock Holmes shirt is so awesome!

    Have a great weekend!

  8. Hi Jen,
    I signed up for the A-Z Challengen and saw your blog listed so I jJust stopped by to say Hi. I look forward to readin your alphabet posts.

  9. Great color choice for you! Congrats on the makeover.

    I signed up for the A-Z Challenge and saw your blog listed so I just stopped by to say hello. I look forward to reading your alphabet posts.

  10. Oh, super-fantastic! Sorry it took me so long to come have a look. Your photos are great, too. Love the t-shirts. Bold Girl! I knew that was in you. I agree, entering a new place, ALONE, and needing to ask questions takes courage. I've been asking around for musicians to help me with my musical. Made some good connections. Faced my fears. New fear - driving in the city. I don't do it...ever, so I must face my fear of traffic and unknown by-ways. White knuckles, here I come!

  11. You look younger, stronger, and like someone whose writing I want to read!

    Following, RSS-ing, and looking forward to your updates, Jen.

    Enjoy A to Z!


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