Friday, April 1, 2011


No, not the kind of approval that comes with trying to make people like you, or make everyone in your office happy. It's not even the approval that comes from applying for a loan or a university.

I'm talking about PERSONAL APPROVAL.


Do you approve of yourself? Of your writing? Do you "regard with favor" the fact that you have chosen to wrangle and weave words into worlds? You should. Because until YOU approve of yourself as a writer (or a painter, a photographer, or a brick layer in Brazil) no one else ever will.

People who regard their work with favor have a gleam in their eyes, a spring in their step, a pride that practically oozes out of their pores when they discuss their latest work, their most recent experiment.

Believe in your work. Approve it. See it as important. Because if you don't, why should anyone else care?


  1. Hi,

    Couldn't agree more! ;)

    April is here, spring in step, smile on face and present mantra: I believe, I believe . . . ;)


  2. Wise words - I'll give it a try!
    Laura x

  3. Such a great point! Believe in yourself and your work. We all go through ups and downs, but overall you have to believe or you'll give up. And you know my motto - never give up!

  4. I approve! Hey, I wrote 5 pages on my NEW PLAY. Go Scriptfrenzy! Oh, ya.

  5. I just knew you'd be pumping me up. Do I hear an AMEN! :)
    Jules @ Trying To Get Over The Rainbow

  6. So true! I need to find that approval. Sometimes it's there, but I so often doubt myself. Thanks, Jen!

  7. There are days when I am bursting with pride. There are days when I think I suck and should never write again. Then there are all the days in between. The theme of all my books so far is that love comes from within. It's a message I have to remember when I'm having a pity party based on some negative input from outside sources.
    So, do I approve of myself? Most of the time. Today? I'm at a 60% approval rating and I know that percentage will increase once I am able to start writing in earnest tonight. :) Great question.

  8. I definitely agree with you about self-approval. We are responsible for being the first step in making others care about what we do.

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    Tossing It Out
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  9. Wonderful advice. And a great way to start off A-Z month!

  10. SUPER! You're so right, if we don't approve of our work, who will? Also goes for loving ourselves, I think.


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