Tuesday, September 13, 2011

more fun than you can shake a lighsaber at!

Links are fun! They inform, they entertain, they give you great reason to put off doing the laundry! Whoops! Laundry! Be right back...

There. That's better. There are few things worse than moldy laundry...

Where was I. Links! Here are a few that I found over the weekend.

1. The 2012 Writer's Market is already out! I don't know why this surprised me. I mean, I haven't had corn candy yet and there are Christmas Trees up in some stores. Ugh.

2. Neil Gaiman is a hero to many. Myself included. He's what one may call a literary crush in some circles (*grin*). As if his brilliant storytelling wasn't enough, he has created a fabulous idea for Halloween, one that I am certain will become a new tradition: All Hallow's Read. Give books this Halloween. Scary books. You know that's way more fun than blow pops!

3. This next topic is near and dear to my heart. I've posted about villains before. I can not explain my fixation with great villains. My obsession with Darth Vader was enough to concern my mother when I was young and should have been playing house with the girls down the street. Instead, I was blasting away Storm Troopers on the play ground with my two best buds, "Han" and "Luke" respectively. And in case you were wondering, I was Princess Leia. That's girly...right?

"Characters We Love to Hate" was posted on TOR's website and summed up my love of a good villain in one phrase: they have something that makes them interesting. I hate flat characters of any ilk: hero, side kick, talking cat. Doesn't matter. I need to care about them and want to follow them into the mire of Mordor. But a flat villain? Ugh. Triple Ugh. Worse than Christmas Trees before Halloween ugh. Give me a villain that makes my skin crawl AND makes me want to secretly cheer them on and you've got yourself a winner!!

Your turn! Any interesting discoveries this weekend! Has fall finally made it's way to your neighborhood. Do you, like me, wish it was illegal to put up Christmas displays before Thanksgiving? Just curious.



  1. I saw my first tree changing colors today! Ahhhhh....

  2. Yes, I think it should be illegal . . . or at least a lot less common. I can see it in a store like The Christmas Tree Shops, but otherwise it's just too early. :P

    Thanks for the links!

  3. I'm sorry, I'm just preparing for Halloween now. How are there Christmas trees already up? I mean, I love Christmastime, but it's not here yet, people! Love Neil Gaiman's Halloween idea (and Neil Gaiman, of course!).

  4. Of course playing Princess Leia is girly! Even though I bet you had a lot of light sabre battles! :)

    I've discovered my brian and body need a whole heck of a lot more sleep than I'm getting at the moment. And that there's no way any writing gets done the first week back to school!

  5. I'm suddenly craving corn candy. We have a frost advisory tonight. That's MN for ya. I can just picture you grabbing a lightsaber and battling it out with my boys!

  6. christmas? way too early...i def love a good villain, esp when they are well done...when you can almost understand them it scares me...gaiman is awesome...

  7. cool! Thanks for the links! And living in France I LOVE when family members send my kids halloween books (halloween is barely existent here) Glad to have discovered your blog!:)

  8. Lin: we have a few trees trying to turn colors. nothing fabulous yet, but I'm ready for the annual display :)

    Golden: you're welcome! I've thought about starting a petition to outlaw Christmas trees before Thanksgiving. As you said, Christmas shops are one thing, but grocery stores? Geez...

    Meredith: Me too. One holiday at a time, please. I need my pumpkins and my annual viewing of The Legend of Sleepy Hollow, Turkey, THEN and only then, is it time to deck the halls!

    Jemi: Princess Leia is one of the few strong female lead characters in movies, especially from the 70s. Sad, isn't it? Yes, we had plenty of lightsaber battles...usually with sticks!

    Mary: I saw corn candy just the other day! I bypassed it and bought some gummy brains instead :D A frost advisory? That's awesome! We're back into the mid-80s here (that's GA for you) but I hear there's some cooler temps headed out way! A lightsaber battle is always welcome :D

    Brian: Yes, waaaay too early! And Gaiman is awesome. A hero if I may be so bold :D

  9. Hi Creepy Query Girl!

    So glad you dropped by!! Ooh, you live in France? How wonderful and exciting. My husband and I dream of the day we can put down some roots in another country. For the adventure of it all! Glad you enjoyed the links!!



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