Wednesday, September 7, 2011

News, Nerds and Narwhals!

Good Morning!

It's five 'til noon so I can still, technically wish you a good morning! And for those of you wondering, yes, it's still fabulously fall-ish here.

SO! On to the important stuff:

NEWS (you can use):
* I've recently discovered two sites that challenge you to write micro fiction. This is easy for some, hard for others (namely me). At Six Sentences, the challenge is to write a story in six sentences. Pretty self explanatory. Smith Magazine has a page devoted to six word memoirs. Tell them about your life in just six words. I don't plan on posting mine, but it is a good challenge to keeping my ideas concise and avoid run-on sentences :)

* J.A. Konrath has a blog that helps writers stick to their writing guns. He has this to say in his "About Me" section: "There's a word for a writer who never gives up-published". He's pretty hard nosed in his opinions and I like that. Tell it like it is; don't sugar coat it for me. I can take it. Really.....*gulp*

* Love books? Of course you do. Want another reason to do ANYTHING except write YOUR book? Check out Book Reporter. It's packed with reviews of book from every genre. I just spent half an hour on it myself. See? Time suck!!


* I am one! But you all knew that.

* If you too are a nerd, you may find The Nerdist pretty funny. These guys blog about all things nerdy. And, if you're so inclined, they even have a podcast. It's funny, but make sure you listen when the small people of impressionable nature in your house are not in the room :)


*Yes, the word "narwals" does require that many exclamation points. I'm addicted to this strange and wondrous creature. And it does exist! I've had to convince people that narwhals are real *cough*myhusband*cough

Here's a little something to show you how addicted I am to narwhals:

My Cell Phone Case!

I found the original pattern in Mollie Makes Magazine. Oh my heck, if you haven't seen this magazine, you must, MUST find it!! It's a British magazine (of course...ALL the magazines I read are British) and it's not found just anywhere but it's worth the hunt. Just in case you can't find it, here's the LINK. Yippee!!

Have a fabulous, fabulous day! Enjoy the linkage and please, don't blame me if you end up wandering through them instead of writing :D


  1. You are not alone - I knew what a Narwhal was :)

  2. I'm a huge fan of Six Word Memoirs. I follow them on Facebook. It makes it a bit easier to submit my memoirs when they strike.

    Narwhals remind me of Will Ferrell's movie, Elf. I love it! And I love Christmas! Fall and early winter are my favorite times of year! Apple picking, pumpkin beer, monsters, ghouls, turkey and carols.

  3. Thanks for all the links! Narwhals are awesome, and I want that cell phone case!

  4. You make me smile. I love all of these things! Thank you for sharing...

    And I'm definitely jealous of your case! I told my friend Chelsea I wanted her to make me narwhal-shaped cake bites for my birthday. :3

  5. Did you make that cell phone pouch? It's super cute. I'm afraid to even click on those links. Maybe later, when the kids are in bed and I should be sleeping...

  6. It's not that I didn't want to believe in narwals, I just didn't know that this world was still so fantastical! I'm quite glad that it is. :)


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