Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Oh Frabjous Day!

When Alice defeats the Jabberwocky on Frabjous Day, the Hatter rejoices over the freedom of Wonderland by dancing a strange and hilarious dance he calls "fudderwacking". (Thank you Tim Burton and your marvelous retelling of Carroll's story!!) I may not be fudderwacking this morning (the caffeine hasn't hit me quite hard enough for that), but I am excited.


It actually feels like fall. In Georgia. The first week of September. I'll give you a few seconds to let that sink in.



Got it? Good. Now then, why am I so excited over this natural occurrence in the weather? Simple: weather has everything to do with my creativity. Strange, but I know I'm not alone. I know far too many creative people who tell me that they can't paint/write/draw/dye their hair when it's too hot/cold/wet/dry. Funny, isn't it? How these external forces we call weather can incite or take away from our creativity.

I've posted about weather and creativity before. Loads of people have. I'm one of those odd birds who gets depressed if there's too much sun. If the sun shines brightly for more than two days, I'm down in the dumps and praying for rain. Saturday, the clouds rolled in just in time for the annual book festival and I could have danced all the way to where it was held. I didn't. No one needs to see that!

So today it's cool, windy and over cast. Today I start back blogging on a regular schedule (hooray!). Today, my fall term begins and I get to learn how to be an effective public speaker *shudder*. Today is a Frabjous Day indeed!

How does your Today look? Got anything exciting planned? Any reasons to dance for joy? Any reason to shout? Let me have 'em!

~Jen xo


  1. I love Alice in Wonderland! Congratulations on your Frabjous Day, and good luck starting your fall term. I have a reason to dance for joy: my kids are back in school! *dances*

  2. yay! welcome back...raining and grey today...remnants of the tropical storm...power out a bit last night...i hear you though...i love fall and def have more time to be creative...

  3. I saw the title and my immediate response was Caloo Caleigh (but I can't remember how to spell it).
    Today is a writing day -- except I may have to leave my perch at the coffee shop because a really smelly guy just sat next to me. Maybe I need to defeat him?

  4. It sounds like the weather up here. :) I took a walk earlier, in a slight drizzle, and loved it--I felt a bit like dancing!

  5. Hi Erin!

    I'm sure my spellings of Carroll's terms are all wrong, so fear not with shouting (or writing) "Callou Callay!!"

    Yes, you must defeat anyone who would take from you a writing perch. Those places are sacred!!

    Write on!

  6. We had some drizzling rain yesterday, and I almost danced, but it ended too quickly. I think we all are tired of the sizzling summer we had. Poor Texas--drought and wildfires. They need a downpour.

  7. I wish my Today looked like Fall! It's still firmly summer here. Maybe in October! Good luck with all of your fall work!

  8. Starting to feel a little more like fall here in the west too. It's my favorite time of year!

  9. Ooo. Frabjous! Fall must be your New Year, too. Yay, for more creative weather.


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