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September 9th. I don't think it's on any ones calendar as a specifically momentous day. Unless it's your birthday which would make it a most momentous day indeed (and a happy birthday to you).


Did you know that according to some calendars, today is Teddy Bear Day? I could not make this stuff up. Everything has it's own day. Also, September is Honey Month, Hispanic Heritage Month, Fall Hat Month, and, my personal favorite, National Blueberry Popsicle Month. Again, I could not make this stuff up.

Check out Holiday Insights for some more bizarre and unusual holidays for the month of September :)

One of the most interesting things about fantasy and science fiction is that the authors often have to create holidays and occasions for their characters. Creating a magical world requires magical holidays. Even the crew of the Enterprise made mention of special occasions that aren't on any calendar you or I have hanging in our kitchens.

It is one of the small details that makes the genre so much fun to play in. You can give your characters anything, anything at all to celebrate.

What if you could use this power in your everyday life? What if you could create your own holiday or "month of"? What would it be? What would you celebrate? Me, I'd create a national "Take Time Off Work Day Because You Need to Breathe" Day. Or "Narwhal Appreciation Month". Better yet, how about, "Steampunk Day" where everyone was required to wear goggles and carry ray guns?!?! Of course, "National Beheading Day" did cross my mind, but it seems someone else beat me to it!

Happy Friday! Now, go be FABULOUS!!!


  1. I'm scratching my head trying to think quickly of a good "holiday". I'll have to get back to you. Ice cream for dinner is coming to mind. Wear whatever feels good is creeping in. Okay, you got me thinking. Thanks.

  2. I've never even heard of blueberry popsicles! I think I would have National Eat a Cookie Day. Because cookies make everyone happy. :)


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