Wednesday, September 28, 2011

What does it mean, this "Writer"?

Do I simply scribe words to paper, ideas to computer screens? Is it a vocation, a choice, as one may choose to be a firefighter or a lawyer? Or-dare I even suggest-it is something more mystical. Cosmic. SUPER-natural?

It can be both, I believe. There are those who understand words, who construct prose with the precision of a brain surgeon's scalpel. Their work is good, flawless, to be envied.


There are others who had no choice. Those who must write to let off some of the pressure that builds up inside their heads and their hearts. Without a pen, without their laptop, they are like a kettle of boiling water with no whistle: they self-destruct without release. These people are consumed. The fire of fiction, of poetry, courses through them white hot and dangerous.

They bleed ink into story.

Day in, day out. Like breathing. It is their breathing. Glowing steady, stars at true north, they point the way for those who would dare dance with that flame. It is risky, dangerous, all consuming.

But truer words cannot be written than by those willing to give themselves to the story rather than attempt to tame it. Ultimately, it is the story that speaks the truth. The writer is simply the conduit through which that truth flows.


  1. Beautiful post! I always try to be the conduit for the story, because if I'm that passionate about it, I want the passion to show through.

  2. I told someone once that the characters choose the direction of the story, not me. Being a conduit is exciting.

  3. Beautifully written, Jen! I think you can tell those books where the writer has put his/her heart into it - even if the story is just for entertaining but still has that emotional depth.

  4. "Ultimately, it is the story that speaks the truth."

    I couldn't have said it better!

  5. Hi, Jen!

    It's been a reaally long time. I remember enjoying your blog and having some great email 'conversations" with you before i disappeared on an extended hiatus from the blogosphere. But I've missed blogging and thought I'd give it another go. So I'm stopping by and visiting all the blogs and bloggers I enjoyed so much, to say hi and to let you know I'm back in the neighborhood if you want to stop by for a visit :) And yes, writing is just a must for me. It's frustrating how much I want to write--perhaps even to the detriment of a more lucrative career I could have. But I chose first to be happy--and writing makes me happy. Blogging is part of that. Glad you're still here and posting!

  6. I have several creative outlets, so when I can't do one, I do another. Helps with the insanity.

  7. Very true! It's all about opening yourself up to the situations and characters.


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