Dear NaNoWriMo,

So you're here already, huh? How did you sneak up on me. I had every intention of diving in, pounding out 50,000 words in a month's time. And started back. More exactly, my next term started and shot me two classes that have, in two days, proved to be quite the handful. Not bad; just a handful.

Class number one: Info Technology. Yes, I have to spend 8 weeks "learning" what LAN, WAN and HTML stand for and how to properly format a Word document. Stuff I could have Googled on my own. Ah, the joys of college.

Class number two: Creative Writing. My first in an upcoming year and a half of creative writing and literature classes. Huzzah! Major classes at last. Do you know how long I've waited to hit MAJOR classes, IE: classes that actually lead to a degree in a specific major? Let's just say I've been in and out of school now for sixteen years. Yes. That long.



Not so sure where you fit in. But I'll do my best to visit. I'm already having to spit out 5 story ideas this week on top of the stream of consciousness assignments for no less than three out of seven days. Maybe I'll use those. Stream of Consciousness every day for a month. Could I get 50,000 words out of it? Would they even make sense together if I did? No, but it would make for an interesting, Mad Hatter of an essay collection!

NaNo, we are going to have an interesting relationship this year. Go easy on me and I'll do my best to complete you!

Most sincerely yours,


  1. Hee! Hee! I see that NaBloPoMo started as well. I am not partaking in either. Whew!

    I'll be over here on the couch with my feet up if anyone is looking for me.

  2. Jen, you can do it. Just start writing and don't stop. Well, food and sleep are needed at some point...

  3. Haha, a Mad Hatter type of essay collection sounds fabulous! Good luck with school! Hope you get some writing time in there somehow.

  4. Great letter. I think the stream of consciousness "stories" would be wild.

  5. I took a Creative Writing course in college and really enjoyed it. I wrote a very short novella for it (5o pages). It was the longest thing I'd written until I finished my first book (400+ pages). :) Good luck with your new classes!


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