Tuesday, May 3, 2011


Just breathe.

You're busy. BELIEVE me, I know. I'm swamped over here and will be for at least another two years (possibly longer, depending on how much this degree program dissuades me from graduate school).

Listen. Do you hear it? That's life. Yep. YOUR life. Sometimes it sounds like a breeze on a warm afternoon or the patter of rain on the roof. Right now, mine sounds like the baby birds nesting outside my work-room window (the atelier as I like to call it...all French-like and lovely!)

Take a deep breath...hold it...

Now exhale slowly letting the stress, the tension, the confounded math problems, manuscript edits, crying child or dirty house wash away in the sound of life.

Do you hear it? That's your breath. It's calmer now. You're calmer. And you can face ANYTHING.

Go get 'em, you warrior, you!