Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Guts, Part Two

Yes, I did have too much fun with that title :D

So, did you think about our last post? Did you forget what I even suggested? Were you AWOL for most of the last post? No worries. Click HERE, catch up, come back.

So here I am, sitting at my desk with a killer horror story (buh-dum-ching!) and the realization that everyone I know will hate it. They may even disown me for it. I did, after all, use the “s” word a couple of times.

I have two choices. I can go back, edit out everything that makes my story TRUE as in true to the story that came to me, make everyone I know happy and end up with a mediocre story at best. Or, and here’s where the guts come in, I can edit it the way it is, leaving in all the grit, all the grime, all the ... er… guts, and find some agents and editors and publications that like that sort of thing.

And I get published.


And I let it slip that I’m published aaaaannnd those aforementioned people ask to read it.

Well, I’ll warn them. “You won’t like it. Trust me. It's dark. Reeeeal dark.” And that would pretty much stop them right there. Except my mom. She’d still read it because I wrote it (love you, Mom!) and she’d tell me it was good but she didn’t like it. Now then, what’s the worst thing that could happen? One of those kind souls reads it and is scared senseless and can’t sleep for six weeks, yells at me about it and promptly disowns me and my cat. Hey, I did say “worst case scenario”- run with it!

Guess what? It would hurt. I would be devastated. BUT-and this is a big but- it’s ok. They’ll simmer down. They’ll start sleeping without a night light. And I’ll see them again and talk to them and tell them, “I told you so.” They won’t be happy and they will never read anything I write again (even if I use a pen name and write inspirational comedy). It’s ok because I was true to the story. I allowed the story to speak through me and I sent it out into the world to FIND THE PEOPLE IT WOULD SPEAK TO.

The bottom line is this: we write for an audience even if we don’t know who that audience is. Even if we never meet half the people who read our work, we have an audience. If we’re lucky, it will contain people we know and love. If not, no worries. New friends will appear in the realm of your genre. New experiences will lead you to people who write what you write and understand where you’re coming from.

WRITE WHAT YOU LOVE. Have the GUTS to do that. You love Romance but everyone you know thinks it’s insignificant and shallow? Who cares? Write the best darn romance you can write and prove them wrong! Stand up for yourself and your dreams. Stay balanced, write from your gut, and you WILL succeed in the arena you’re meant to play in.

Write bold, write fearless!

I feel like I rambled there. Did I ramble? Eh…who cares. What do you think? Any more thoughts on the topic? Do you think I’m full of bunk and need my head examined? Let me know!


  1. I've definitely considered getting published under a pen-name, if I decided to at all... To avoid all this. But no, I think I'll man up and just use my name. I'm supposed to be proud of it, right?

  2. Write bold--I need to print that out and frame it. Wonderful, wonderful advice.

  3. Write Bold. Love that. There is an audience out there for us. It may not be big and it may not be our family but we will find our audience if we write well and write true to the story. And get it out there of course.

  4. I wouldn't disown you or your cat!
    Since my genre wasn't popular at the time I was writing my first book, I said to heck with it and wrote it anyway. If your story needs to be told a certain way to be believable, do it.

  5. Thanks for stopping by A Tale of Two Cities. It's always great making new friends in the blogging world. Glad to have found you here--enjoyed your post!

  6. I think if you feel that's the way the story should be written--go for it. :)

  7. Jen: Terrific site. I am your newest follower.

  8. Thanks for stopping by, Jen. I love it how we who were together When still keep up. I read the first post, before the second. I couldn't agree more with everything you wrote. If we write for others, we automatically censor - not that I don't believe in a bit of self-censorship. I picked up a book once so loaded with profanity, there wasn't much English. (Er, I'm no saint, but too much is too much.) No, write for yourself and take it from there.

    And you didn't ramble! You were spot on. HUGS!

  9. Jennifer: I have a pen name ready and waiting for me...for stuff I'm working on in a completely different genre! I can definitely understand the desire to write anonymously. There's nothing wrong with that at all!

    Meredith: Thank you! I'm so glad you found something of value here :D To be honest, I need to print that out repeatedly and wallpaper my room with it!

    Sara: So true! There's always an audience for what we write. We just have to brave and patient enough to write for that audience and to keep them in front of us while we write :D

    Alex: Good to know my cat and I are well accepted :D I agree-however your story needs to be told to be believable and connect with you readers is how it must be written!

    Tale of Two Cities: You are most welcome! I'm very glad you decided to stop by in return. Your blog is LOVELY!!

    Golden: Indeed! I'm working on being confident enough in my own ability to tell the stories that come to me!

    JJ: Thank you so much for stopping by and following :D I really appreciate it! Nice to have you along for the ride!

    Kittie: Always a pleasure to see your name pop up in the comments! I do enjoy keeping up with the people I met when I started blogging. It's mandatory! I may not always get around as often as I'd like, but you're never far from my thoughts!

    Ugh, I agree. Profanity for the sake of profanity is ridiculous and I won't read or watch things that just go on and on to the point of monotony.



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