Friday, January 13, 2012

live inspired

Hi there all you beautiful and talented people you :D I hope Friday is treating you well so far. I mean, come in, it's Friday! That's a relief in itself.

First a big fat thanks is in order to everyone who commented on Wednesdays post. Wow! I haven't had that many comments in, well, I don't know how long. Now, I understand that's mostly my fault, not blogging regularly and all, but seriously. Thank you! And a big hello to all my new followers. Yes, I did notice.

How inspired are you feeling right now. Let's take a quick inventory, shall we? I'd wager that most (if not all of us) are working, in school, mothering, fathering, baby sitting neighbor's cats and chickens and therefore have larger, more immediate issues than getting another essay written pressing against us at any given time. We don't all get to globe trot regularly or wake to scones and coffee served on silver trays (and if you do, let me know so I can loathe you personally ;)).

I live in a small, unassuming town in the middle of the state of Georgia. Not much going on. Heck, the most interesting thing to happen here in the past year was the night we showed up at the sushi restaurant and were treated to fresh sea urchin (but that's another story entirely). What I'm saying is it's boring here. Day in, day out, average, nothing. No exotic cafes; no independent bookstores; no alien abductions.

But there IS inspiration, if I'm willing to look for it. Like the palm trees that brush against my window at night and make me think of skeletal fingers clawing to get inside. Like the wind chimes that gong when the wind whips through the courtyard and sings and eerie, sad song that prompts me to remember a story idea I had and stuffed away about a year ago. A walk to the park and I see several old, large homes that could, any one, star in a short story about a haunted house, a murder mystery, or a novel about a recent widow who takes the life insurance money she just received and finally realizes her dream of owning a bed and breakfast.

See. Inspiration. Effort. Yes, I'd sometimes rather complain about our lack of ocean or fresh market within walking distance. But if I'm willing to dig deep and break a sweat, I CAN find story inducing nuggets in the soil.

What about you? What inspiration surrounds you? Don't discount anything. That piece of junk mail may surprise you.

Have a wonderful weekend my friends and as always,
Write Fearless.

Jen xo


  1. Made me laugh, Jen! Boring here as well, although I live in good sized city. Wind beat our house last night, which was eerie.

  2. It's amazing where inspiration can come from, isn't it? I always take long walks when I want a fresh idea, because there's just so much out there if you know how to look. I love this post!

  3. That's definitely what I try to do without being overly poetic about truly meaningless things. Heh.

    Good luck to you! :D

  4. Everywhere and everyone has a story. I try to pause at each check-out - grocery, Target, wherever - and exchange stories with the credit cards and merchandise.

  5. Alex: Glad I could send a laugh your way! It's all true. A tragedy to live in such a boring place :P

    Meredith: Thanks! You're right; if we keep looking, we can see inspiration everywhere. Sometimes, it takes a lot longer than we imagine, but it's there!

    Jennifer: Sometimes poetry about meaningless things is beautiful! A true art. I have trouble making a poem out of things that are meaningful!!!

    Mary: You're right. I try to look for the story behind what's going on around me. When I pass people while walking to the part, I often wonder what their story is, where did they come from, what are their dreams. So much awesome to feast on daily!

  6. Sounds like the town we live in! But at least there's a library. I can usually find inspiration there. :)

    Have a great weekend!

  7. This morning was windy and there were waves of dirt snaking along the freeway as I drove to work. It was icky, dusty, depressing, but oddly beautiful. For a moment I wondered where I could work in that imagery.
    Inspiration is everywhere, I just lack the time right now. :(

  8. Georgia must be a good place for writers, there are a few of us :) Maybe it's that there aren't too many distractions. (funny story. When we moved to middle GA we thought hey, it's only a few hours from the sea, there must be good seafood here. Better than the midwest where we lived before anyway. We asked our real estate agent. She paused and said, well, we have Red Lobster.)

    Very true that inspiration can come from anywhere, but that it takes effort. We need to look for it,and be open when it calls us.

  9. I love the reminder that inspiration can come from anywhere! I'm very lucky that I live in an inspiring place, but most of what inspires me comes from everyday things.

  10. I live in a house that commands a view of one of the seven wonders of the world. Yes. I am fortunate.


  11. LOL, I'm so glad to know Kentucky is not the only boring state. :) Inspiration... the crack on the wall annoyed her. She wanted to repair it, wait she did repair it. The crack is alive. :)
    Jules @ Trying To Get Over The Rainbow

  12. Must share more about the sea urchin! but you also reminded me that there is valuable stuff to be found in any environment. came across a "hometown impressions" writing exercise that I may have to dig into.

  13. Golden: Our library is within walking distance,but the road I have to walk down is usually peppered with odd people who feel the urge to yell out their windows as they drive by. A bit discouraging to would-be walkers!

    Erin: A beautiful picture! I understand. I'm usually doing school work and that's when the muse decides to strike. Really ?!? Have a great weekend!

    Sara: Hello and thanks for stopping by! There do seem to be a lot of writers from Georgia and the South in general. I laughed and laughed at the seafood comment! I grew up in Conyers and then lived in Savannah for a few years. Talk about getting spoiled with seafood! Now, when I lament the loss of the seafood, someone will inevitably say, "What's wrong with Red Lobster?" Yes. I am a seafood snob!

    Misha: You are very fortunate! Which wonder of the world do you get a visit from every day?

    Talli: You are most fortunate to live in such an amazing, inspiring place! I just tell myself that all this hunting for inspiration is training for the inspiration overload when I move to New Zealand ;)

    Jules: LOL! No, you're not alone in your boring locale. I like your crack on the wall crack (0_o). Very funny!!!

    Margo: Sea urchin. Very fresh, very raw and very...interesting. I'd definitely eat it again! My husband described it's taste and texture as eating "sea butter". That sounds like a great exercise! Have fun with it!

  14. Right you are! It's never the big stuff that inspires my stories or posts--it's always the little stuff that comes my way. I always wonder if other people notice things the way I do or are we all so busy with our lives that we don't stop to notice? I wonder if writers and artists are just sort of keyed into noticing details?

    I find a lot of joy and humor in teeny tiny stuff. But I always say that if we wait for the big stuff, we are gonna be waiting a long time.


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