Tuesday, January 31, 2012

a tuesday post? what the what?!?!

Yeah, so, I felt like posting today. Mix things up a bit. Have some unscheduled fun! And I've been so lax in commenting back to you guys (see the comment section of the past TWO blogs if you commented recently) and reading blogs has fallen behind math problems of no eternal consequence.

Anywho, I had these bizarre dreams last night that I wanted to share. In the first one, I was on the set of the last Harry Potter movie. I don't know who I was playing, perhaps an unknown professor? Or maybe Charlie Weasley's secret girlfriend? Anyway, I was wandering through Hogwarts behind another professor when they stopped and said, "Oh no! Neville's dead!" I freaked out and started performing CPR on him and he started laughing. The director yelled, "CUT!!" and Neville and I sat in the floor, surrounded by the carnage of Voldemort's army, laughing. When I asked him why he was laughing, he said it was just really funny to have someone slapping him around, telling him to wake up when he wasn't really dead.


The next dream was interesting. It basically recreated the story of Sleeping Beauty. It was really enjoyable, considering in my mind the whole "happy-yippie-skippy-Disney" version was no where to be found. There were no songs, no dancing, and thank GOD no multi-colored fairy godmothers. In my mind, fairy tales should have been left to the Grimm Brothers. There was a handsome, scruffy, Aragorn-esque dude instead of a prince and Alan Rickman starred as the evil sorcerer. I woke up before I could see the end but I think it turned out to be pretty good.

In fact, I'm thinking of spending some time free-writing it to see where it goes.

This isn't the first time I've had a story come to me in a dream. Tell me, have YOU ever dreamed a story into being? And if so, did you drop all your other projects to work on it, or did you write it down and tuck it away for a rainy day. Am I the only person out there who is cast in Harry Potter movies in their dreams or who has Alan Rickman show up as villains? Just curious...

PS: The A-Z Blog Challenge sign up is up and running! There are over 300 entries so far! But don't let that deter you from some challenging fun this April. Wander on over and sign up! You'll be glad you did :D


  1. You have some wild fantasy dreams! I've never had a dream that turned into a story. Most are either too boring or too weird.

  2. I've never dreamed a story, they just can't translate but I soooo wish Alan Rickman would show up in my dreams. Your dreams sound fun.

  3. Alex: I do have weird dreams. I once dreamed a whole X-Files episode, complete with the text at the bottom of each scene telling me what time it was and the location! I even had ending....like I said. Weird.

    S.P.: Yeah, too bad he was just an evil villain and not around for the rest of the story!!

  4. Those sound like fun dreams. I have awoken THINKING a dream was a good idea for a story or novel, but when I pursued it...not so much.

  5. Wild dreams, but, hey, take the ideas however they come. I've never turned a dream into a story, but would if it came.

  6. Sounds like you have some pretty awesome dreams! I love fairy tales that base themselves on the real Grimm stories--I hope your freewriting goes well!

  7. Those sound like interesting dreams!

    I have, actually. Several times. Most of them I store away to see if the ideas still attract me later, but I did finish a YA novel based on a dream.

  8. I have many vivid dreams, but I just sit back and enjoy them--I don't write them down or anything.

    I like your dreams--VERY cool!

  9. Ha! Those are some interesting dreams. If I go to bed thinking about a scene in my WIP, I always dream about it. Many times, these dreams give me ideas to improve the existing scene. But I can't say I've ever dreamed up a whole new story.

  10. Found you through IWSG but I'm doing the A-Z blogfest too. Should be lots of fun. New follower :)

  11. I'm visiting from the IWSG! :)

    I have dreamed a lot of great stories ... but they don't always seem to impress me quite as much in the daylight.


  12. You know, I haven't done that but thinking I should start. That is a great idea. Aren't dreams amazing?!

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  14. Susan O.: That has happened on many occasions. I wake up remembering feeling so excited about a dream and when I think about it...it's not really that great of an idea!

    Kittie: I've had several dreams that could be turned into stories. I don't know where they'll lead, but they are definitely worth checking out. I'll take a good story idea any way it wants to come to me!

    Meredith: Thanks! Off to do some of that freewriting now, actually!

    Golden: That's really cool! Glad to hear that you followed through with one of those dreams. Thanks for the encouragement to pursue even the most random story inspiration!

    Lin: Most of my dreams are vivid and wouldn't make very good dreams. Unless REALLY random and bizarre is what people are looking for! Ha!

    Susan M.: That's a really cool idea. Hmmm, I should try thinking about a specific story and seeing where it leads. Why are we so much wiser in our dreams?

    Tasha: Hello! Thanks so much for following :D. I'm looking forward to the A-Z Challenge! I totally forgot about the IWSG. School tends to drive that right out of my mind. Ugh. Happy to see you in the followers!

    Margo: Thanks for visiting! Oh tell me about it! I've had some dreams that I woke up just thinking, "HUH?" Most of mine just seem like the random thoughts of an overactive mind but every now and then something interesting comes along!

    Tracy: I love having crazy dreams! Way better than the nightmares I've had which cause me to wake up screaming. Not fun at all! Good luck with trapping those dreams!

  15. Great post!

    I sleep with a recorder and will often, with eyes closed and still half in the dream, record my whereabouts and what's going on...the next morning, when things have faded and gone a dull shade of grey - I love listening to what I did "in there" - the world of all things possible.

    Thanks for adding the A to Z shout-out in your post - the list is really growing!

    Jenny @ Pearson Report
    Co-Host of the Blogging from A to Z Challenge.


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