Monday, February 27, 2012

Evil you say?

Today's the day! The day of Evil Geniuses that is :D. Golden Eagle is celebrating her Second Blogaversay today. Woohoo! *confetti and lightsabers and fireworks*. To celebrate, she's invented the Evil Genius Blogfest. Head on over there (after reading my entry, of course ;)) and read the rules, find links to the participants, and read Golden's personal entry. Evil Fun Abounds!!!! *insert evil, cackling laughter here*

And now: on with the show!

"Evil? Evil you say?"

He watched them with his cold, red eyes. Eyes that saw through bone and blood, straight into the souls that quaked in front of him. Rubbing his chin, eyes, narrowed, he suddenly smiled.

"Yes, I suppose I am."

He slid from his throne and walked slowly to his prisoners, surveying them, one by one, making them squirm under his scrutiny. All so cocky, so sure of themselves when they'd arrived at his gates. How they'd crossed the River he'd soon learn and the Ferryman would be punished. Even if it wasn't entirely his fault.

"But let me ask you this-" He paused and looked down at the girl in front of him. She was staring up, defiant, only her quivering bottom lip giving any indication to the terror she was feeling.

"- who's the more evil. The villain who wishes only to take back was is rightfully his? The soul who was mortified, humiliated before an entire council of gods, demoted to demon and banished to this-" he looked around at the walls caked with grime, the black marble floors that echoed with the screams of others being tortured behind closed doors. "- this personification of hell? A villain created by a stranger who blackmailed and back stabbed and stole from me everything I ever had!" He swung around, grabbed the defiant-eyed girl by the throat and held her above the others. She struggled, squeaked in agony as his fingers burned her flesh.

"He stole my father! He stole my inheritance! He stole my LIFE! And I'm the one everyone calls evil!"

Hades threw the girl across the room and her companions winced as they heard her head hit the opposite wall. "Evil, my dear children, has all manner of faces." He grinned at them, his teeth glowing orange in the firelight. "The most dangerous of all, is the one you'd least suspect. The face you've all seen as a friend from the very first day you set foot on this gods-forsaken island is the very face you should fear. He's the reason I'm evil. He's the reason for it all."
355 words

So go on. Let out your inner Evil Genius! Or at least visit all of us who have :D

Happy Monday!


  1. "Even if it wasn't entirely his fault."

    I love that line--very indicative of someone evil!

    Great story! Thank you for participating in this blogfest. :)

  2. Really, really sinister and EVIL!!
    Great story.

    <a href=">Tale Spinning: The Grant of Malice</a>

  3. That was great! I really wanted it to go on.

  4. Whew! That was good, I mean, bad to the bone.

  5. Ah! Evil with a sense of humor and real sinister insanity. Love it.

  6. Tyrean: Thanks so much! I really enjoy creating bad guys, especially those who are "bad to the bone"!!

    Susan: Sinister insanity has always been the most disturbing kind to me. Perhaps that's why my villains are always slightly insane! Thanks for stopping by!

  7. ohhhhhhh what a fantastic and amazing story. I love how incredibly evil he is. Brrrrr I need the chocolate!

  8. Evil, and angry. Not a good combination for any helpless victim.

  9. Hi Jen
    Evil is well hidden and obvious here.

  10. He is evil! Great piece, Jen.

  11. I really enjoyed this you really caught the feel. Boss.

  12. I posted my comment earlier in fact the top three but seems to have slipped through a hole.
    I loved your story and the ending is awesome.


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