Thursday, February 2, 2012

up waaaay too early...

Cup of tea? Check.
Made cat believe I gave him fresh canned food but really just stirred up what I left out last night? Check.
A bit annoyed that said cat woke me up at 3:52 instead of his usual 6:00? Double check.

Good morning blog-verse. How are you this dark, cold morning? Me, fine, despite the ridiculous hour at which I now find myself typing.

I did discover I missed the Insecure Writer's Support Group post yesterday. Again. Alex J. Cavanaugh hosts it the first Wednesday of each month. There's an amazing list of bloggers participating. Maybe if I wrote it on my calender I'd remember. Grrr....

No more crazy dreams-turned-novels, but I have been contemplating the last one (not the Harry Potter dream, mind you) as well as two others I've had in the past. What is it about our subconscious that creates such crazy stories while we're sleeping. Your body's asleep but your mind is in overdrive! I have been told I think too much, that I'm too much of an internal person. Perhaps this is why my imagination is so fertile. Who knows? I just think it's because I read too much...

But seriously, stories are marvelous things, aren't they? They paint for us a different reality. One flash of inspiration and WHAM we're off and running down a path previously undiscovered. What could be at the other end? What will we find, who will we meet along the way? Who knows? There's only one way to find out.

Follow your yellow brick road, tumble down those rabbit trails, heck, pry open that wardrobe door if you have to. Just whatever you do, don't hesitate to wander. Me? I'm off down a rabbit trail right now...

...even if it's stupid early a.m.

Happy wandering!


  1. This is why I stick to dry catfood. I don't even have to pretend to stir anything.

    I don't even dream like a normal person now. No matter how crazy they are these days, they all make sense in a story-telling sort of way--a beginning and a middle, etc. Apparently my brain is still studying even when I'm asleep!

  2. Sorry your cat woke you up early. Hey, at least you have more time to write now!

  3. Ugh, that is why our cats are locked up at night. I have four kids to wake me up too early, I don't need the cats to do it, too. :)
    Have fun down the rabbit trail!

  4. Cats operate on their own time clock. Just be glad your cat deigns to eat the food you place before him/her!

  5. Jen: You sleep? There's your problem!

  6. Ha, so, I woke up early this morning (though not that early, yeesh) because I had a dream about an awesome new WiP idea. I love that! Hope you got to nap or something today. :)

  7. Sometimes stupid early a.m. is the best writing time for me! I love it when the streets are dark and no one is up but me...

  8. Ha ha! Don't you just love cats? Last night mine finally settled down (in my bed) at 3am, so I managed to get a whole 3 1/2 hours of decent sleep!

    I love dreams that turn into stories, but most of mine seem really linear and story-like until I sit and really think about it. Then it turns into nothing but nonsense!

  9. Stirred the cat food :-) That's great. I've heard some cats won't fall for that.

  10. When I was a kid, I hid in the closet and made up stories. Thanks for evoking that memory. Maybe the next time I have writer's block, I'll just hole up in the closet with a flashlight and let the imagine wander.
    Loved your last few posts. I'm catching up this morning.
    Rehearsals are going great for my play.
    Go. Create. Inspire!
    Play off the Page

  11. Oooh what did you find at the end of your trail?? Is it still going? Lots of diversions??? Yay!! This suddenly popped in my head: I love Beauty and the Beast - the Disney version (cough, cough, ahem) and speaking of paths - I do love this scene where Belle's father is well and truly lost in the woods. He reaches a point where the path he's on diverts into two roads - one is bright and light and full of birds singing and happy rabbits erm.. frollicking, one is dark and gloomy with bats flittering around, owls hooting and cobwebs hanging from dead trees. The horse Belle's dad is on wants to go to the bright and cheerful path but guess which route silly Belle's dad takes... then again he wouldn't have found the Beast and Belle wouldn't have come to his rescue and there wouldn't be any story and I wouldn't be writing this...!!

    Take care

  12. Sometimes those early mornings can be the best. The quiet, watching the sunrise. I hope your rabbit trail was fruitful! Happy Sunday!


  13. Tracy: We tried sticking to dry food, but after researching why our cat could be throwing up every night, someone suggested we try canned food during the night. It worked. No more throwing up, but now we’re getting up…early!
    HA! My dreams have never been normal, but I will admit that being back in school has really scrambled them further!

    Alex: No worries! I did get some stuff sorted out for my WIP. That’s always a good thing!

    Rachel: I’m afraid if we locked him out of the room, he’d scratch and mew until it drove my husband crazy. I say my husband because I can sleep through a tornado! He’s a very light sleeper and he’d be the one to suffer.

    Susan K: This is true. We were lucky that he liked what we started feeding him after we adopted him. Now we don’t DARE change it!

    JJ: HA! I knew I was doing something wrong!

    Golden: No worries! It was productive, though I don’t plan on making a 3am rising habit!

    Meredith: At least I know I was in good company . That’s fun that you had a dream for a possible WIP. Isn’t it fun when that happens?

    Talli: I agree. No one’s up yet so I feel like I have the world to myself!

    Angeline: I do love cats and mine is quite the quirky beastie.
    True; I’ll wake up and think, “Oh wow that would be a great story!” and then it turns out to be a flop. But sometimes I get lucky :D

    Susan O: I’m surprised he DID fall for it! Sometimes he can be a little dense :D

    Mary: I used to hide in the closet too! I loved the way it was so cozy and I had it all to myself. SOOO glad the rehearsals are going well! Have a fabulous week!

    Old Kitty: I found a few great ideas on those rabbit hunts! And more than a few diversions :D

    Tracy: It was really nice. I was able to watch the sun turn the sky lavender and just ease into a day. It was nice hearing the rest of the world wake up, knowing that I had a huge jump on everything!


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