Thursday, February 23, 2012

WOW! Links! Randomness! Thursday!!!

(excessive overuse of exclamation points!!!!! I blame the fact I've not had coffee yet.)

Good morning (early, early morning)!

In between posting math homework and triple checking that my term paper isn't due until Sunday, I stumbled upon this fabulous writing blog: The Muffin. I get emails from a site called WOW! Women on Writing and I completely forgot about their blog. It's a truly wonderful place to get good writing advice, hints and news.

Oh and guys, don't let the titles of the blogs deter you. They aren't JUST for women :D They're only written by women. You can stop by there too. Only beware: there's an awful lot of pink being thrown around! *shudder*

Keeping with the spirit of randomness that has recently infiltrated this blog (or possessed it...whichever term you prefer) I give you this:

1. My husband and I started watching the anime TRIGUN last night. It's hilarious! As in laugh out loud funny. Utterly ridiculous. You should check it out (on Netflix for those of you who subscribe) if you really need a laugh and want to watch animated people blow things up...excessively. [WARNING: Definitely NOT a kiddie show]

image found HERE

2. Our class discussion in English this week was on punctuation. I chose to talk about the ellipses. I had no idea how badly I overuse those three little dots. Seriously They show up everywhere! See the first part of this post for example. Any thoughts on them? Anyone else have ellipses addiction? Is it just me or does it seem virtually impossible to come up with a plural form of this word? Ellipseses...ellipsies...ellipsi...grr. Here-listen to someone qualified!

There you have it! An UN-caffinated version of early morning blogging. For your enjoyment. And now: COFFEE!!


  1. My name is Tracy and I am an ellipses addict. Lol! Seriously, I use them constantly. I LOVE those three little dots...they are my pause...the moment I think of the next line or bring my thoughts together. I am off to go listen to the link. :-) Oh and I also love Wow! Women on Writing. They were the first blog I ever followed and where I found out about the A-Z Challenge. Have a super fantastic day and enjoy that cup of coffee!

  2. I'm an ellipses addict as well! And I take it pink isn't your color?

  3. Hi Tracy, Hi Alex...Hello, my name is Wendy, and "I" am an ellipses addict...need I say more...

  4. I think I'm a sporatic user of elipses...not, I'll be more aware. Are elipses bad for you?

  5. I think ellipses are contagious . . . if I see a lot of them I'll usually start using them. Though the thing I really tend to overuse is the em dash.

  6. I use those ellipses in comments, etc....But I do love them...

  7. You are way hyper in the morning! Before I have coffee, I'm taciturn and grumpy. :) I love ellipses, but not as much as I love the em-dash. I use that one waaaaay too much. :)

  8. I love ellises. They're excellent. Too bad some people disagree. :-D


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