Thursday, March 29, 2012

Early Morning Thoughts

(picture by me and my Viking muse)

Green tea fuels my thoughts this morning. Green tea with jasmine. And some sugar :D

Have you ever had those mornings when you woke up and just could NOT go back to sleep? Welcome to my morning. My husband leaves for work around 5:00 every a.m. and there is always this bizarre notion to get up as well, to leave the warmth of my bed and stagger to the kitchen, fill my mug with something hot and caffeinated, and dive into a new day. More often that not, I dismiss this desire as a temporary case of insanity, roll back over, and go back to sleep. Today I decided to take my insanity up on it's offer of waking before dawn. You know what? It ain't half bad :D.

Just a few things rumbling through my mind:

My courtyard garden is anxious to get sprouting. I went through all my seed packets from last year and, lo! They all have seeds still in them. Huzzah! I don't HAVE to buy any more (though that won't stop me from trying). I have 30 pots waiting for soil and two patches of earth that are in desperate need of healthy feeding and flowers. Methinks this weekend will be the perfect time to give into these notions and get the courtyard in bloom.

Papers, papers! And it's not my writing class this term that's giving me a run for my writing money. The first of two require humanities classes has me pushing and shoving for word counts every day and I've just now hit the half way point in an eight week course. Oh, and next term is part 2. Truly, dear readers, I am desperately seeking some air!

Oh, I did spend some personal writing time yesterday at ye olde local bookstore. All the books are used, the interior smells musty and they have green tea and apple cider :D Yes, I drink apple cider and hot tea even in the midst of a southern summer (which, thankfully, we haven't hit yet). Just knowing I can walk to a bookstore and write a couple of hours a week lightens my school-work burdened soul.

A great, big, whopping THANK YOU to everyone who posted yesterday about my 200 followers. Seriously, I wouldn't have done it with you! So far, this is what I've been given:

Meredith at Fairy Tales and Cappuccino said she WOULD like to see me dance. For the health and well being of the Internet (and the universe as we know it) I'll forgo the dancing for now but who knows? I may just start vlogging in the future...the force will have to be much, much stronger with me to attempt that OR dancing ;)

Brian over at Waystation One suggested I tell a story. Sounds like a plan. Any suggestions? Truth or fiction? Maybe a little story a week? Something short would be a challenge for me...I tend to be long-winded. Let me know!

Sheila at Sheila Scribbles asked if I was doing the A-Z Challenge. The answer is YES! Do I have a theme yet? I think so. I'm going to wait until Day One to reveal it :D Oh, and the suggestion she gave that I could easily top 300 followers thanks to the challenge is very, very true. Have you guys SEEN the sign up list for the challenge? Seriously. Check it out. It is epic (find the link on my sidebar).

That's about it for now! *whew*. I'll be off for another run in three hours on my new quest to bag my first 5K!! A bit excited about this new venture! Of course, things will be much better once the pollen clears.

Happy Thursday and remember:
Live BOLD!



  1. Howdy, Jen!

    I don't have a husband who wakes me up at 5am, but I do have a cat who does that. At least I can throw the cat outside before I can go to bed... :)

    Have yourself an AWESOME day, girl!

    Erin xo

  2. I'm up before six every morning but it's not by choice.
    You could easily go over three hundred during the Challenge. I gained about three hundred and fifty last year. (Being a co-host helped though.)

  3. I just wanted to stop by and share some love for green tea. I'm currently drinking my traditional eye-opener in the morning, gunpowder green tea. The flavor can be harsh if you let it steep too long, but it has a unique smoky taste.

    Congrats on reaching 200 followers! I participated in the Challenge last year, but this year I want to focus more on my writing instead of my blogging.

  4. Early mornings are my favorite times! Once summer hits (which is very soon), I'll be waking up early to go run before it's ridiculously hot, and I'm actually excited about that. :) Yay for apple cider and musty books! And yay for possibly vlogging! DO IT. :) Have a lovely day, Jen!

  5. Run steady and sure-footed! And may the wind be at your back.

  6. Yup, had those mornings. I like getting up early, though, so I usually welcome them.

    It sounds like your garden will be beautiful!

  7. Oh that Brian is always full of good suggestions haha. Looking forward to the product.

    I used to leave before 5 am and would tip toe around as best as possible as to not to wake anyone--I failed more than I can count though.

  8. I used to be a "crack of dawn" person, but have finally managed to break that barrier. My favorite tea is Earl Grey, but love green tea, as well.

    You will have me looking at seed packets after reading this post..

  9. I expect the blog follower count to soar. Congrats on your 200! I hit mine a couple weeks ago. I'd like the scones, or at least a good recipe!
    Excited for the A to Z Challenge!!!


  10. Hi Jen. I'm just stopping by to say hello as your A to Z co-host, but I already follow you, so no introductions necessary. Glad to have you taking part!

  11. Hi Jen. I'm just stopping by to say hello as your A to Z co-host, but I already follow you, so no introductions necessary. Glad to have you taking part!

  12. I've never tried green tea or apple cider. Does this make me weird?

    Looking forward to see what you have up your sleeve for the challenge :-)

  13. Every time I get up earlier in the morning I'm so happy I did it - but I'm never happy at the time that I'm getting up so it never happens. lol

    And this A-Z Challenge looks interesting, I'm checking it out!

  14. Hey Jen :) I'm visiting you from the A - Z challenge :)

    That mug made me laugh out loud!

    That bookstore sounds so cozy :) Congratulations on your 200 followers, I believe I'm follower number 203 :) I really love your blog, particularly the way in which you write :)

    Good luck for the challenge and have a lovely Sunday!
    Nikki – inspire nordic

  15. Stopping in from the AtoZ challange. I'm a new follower and can't wait to read your posts.


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