Friday, March 9, 2012

New Friday Series Postponed

Hey guys!

No Friday post today :(. Boooo. And here I had something cool planned.

Alas, I am submerged in ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia on this cloudy Saturday in the South.

I wish you all the very best of weekends and may the warmth of an early Spring be with you all!

Here - have a pyramid...

...and a camel.

Jen xo

(image found HERE)


  1. Well, it looks a heck of a lot warmer in that picture than it is here :-)

  2. At first, I read "have a caramel." Then, I pictured a pyramind of caramels and already my weekend is warmer and brighter. Enjoy your studies. I think I'll go to the movies.

    Play off the Page

  3. Thank you for my pyramid, camel and camel rider thrown in! I wish I were there too soaking up the sun, scenery and sand! Wow! Take care

  4. Hi Jen, I'm visiting from the A to Z Challenge list to get a head start in finding some great new blogs. Nice to meet you! And thanks for the pyramid! And the camel. Just taking a moment to figure out where I'll keep them...


  5. I dig the camel. Thanks! :-) Hope you had a great weekend!


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