Monday, June 25, 2012


Afternoon all!

I know I've been out of touch and I know I've been missing out on a lot in the blogsphere. Last week was finals, I had two papers to write, ended up falling victim to a legendary theatre curse, and have been attempting to move into a new house (which, by the way, must be done by this Sunday! On top of everything else, I started my new semester today. I'm thankful for this accelerated program but really, five months without a break does wear and tear on a person!

Sadly, this blog has suffered. My participation in your blogs has suffered. Ugh. That's about the best I say about it!

What's been going on with you guys? Anything exciting? What about relaxing? Vacations, meditations, novels written? Forgive me being so curious. Being cooped up with school work and moving boxes will do that to you :D

I'm going to have to take a wee bit of a break for a while, at least until we get settled into the new house and I get the hang of these two new classes (one of which is my fiction writing workshop).

Take care, everyone! seriously, I miss you guys and hope you are all doing well.

All the best and do keep in touch!


  1. Do what you need to do!! We'll be here. :0)

  2. I hope the finals went well, and good luck with your move!

  3. wow life is def busy for you...hope the move goes well...and see you around...

  4. I wish I had something exciting to report to provide vicarious thrills but alas, I have been reading, reading, and more reading. Oh, I did watch Resident Evil today. After seeing 2-5, I finally got to see how it all started. LOL

  5. Good to know about your blog i have visit and i am very inspired form your ideas..
    Thank you for post..

    Keeping In Touch

  6. Dang, Jen, you are so busy! One or another would be enough for most of us ... I didn't realize that you are on an accelerated program on top of it all. Don't worry about us; we will be here when you get settled in and caught up.


    Kathy M.


Well, hello! I'm so glad you made it. Come inside and sit by the hearth. I'll take your coat and hat. The kettle is singing and there's cake and candles and good conversation. Settle in and make yourself at home. Don't mind the wolfhounds; they're friendly if you give them a bit of lemon curd.