Picking up After Yesterday

I fell asleep last night before I could
Put yesterday back in its place.
Magazines and books and cups all clamoring for my attention;
Yesterday is still there on the floor.

There are clothes that forgot to be folded,
Dishes that forgot to be washed;
Cushions still outside from conversations,
Even the cat is in the same place - on the table, in front of the window.

Little fragments of yesterday
Surround like spots of life
- my life -
They become my today as I smile and slowly reclaim
Yesterday from off the floor.


Happy weekend everybody!
I hope you have a safe and wonderful few days.
And remember: even a mess can turn into a piece of writing :D Inspiration is everywhere. Now go and find it!


  1. Doesn't surprise me the cat hasn't moved! Have a great weekend, Jen.

  2. Ha, I love it! This is most of my mornings. :) Happy Friday, Jen!

  3. I really loved this! Happy weekend! :D

  4. I've been rearranging yesterday here, too.
    Dog toys, flowers, and yarn.

  5. So lovely-- many of my yesterdays are strewn around the house right now... but I'm okay with it. :0)


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