Wednesday, July 18, 2012


the tomatoes are overloaded with fruit. i am amazed at what we've been able to grow from seeds this year!

The boxes are almost unpacked but a few remnants of moving still remain. Like the pile of dishes on the breakfast table. We got spoiled in the lofts with all that storage space! The plan is to build some shelves and all will be remedied. Now, if we could only find the time to build those shelves!

The cat is in love with the house. He can dig his claws into the carpet and take off like a bullet, down the hall, squealing to the left then right, right into my writing room. Yes. My writing room. Technically it's the spare bedroom (or Spare 'Oom for all you Narnia fans :)) but I've parked my little writing desk in front of the window and it's perfect for writing, school work, and just randomly watching neighbors do yard work. Ooops! Did I say that?!?

The ants have taken over a hornet's nest. Oddly enough, I don't mind because the hornet's nest is in the side of the house. They are now congregating around the ant bait I just oozed onto the siding. There are perks to being a bug man's wife!

I wrote my first ever REAL synopsis last night. It's for my Fiction Workshop but still: it was an amazing lesson in brevity. We were allowed a space of 250 words in which to describe our story, a story we were to take from a character we invented and developed last week. So I cheated and used a character I've been developing over the past two years. You wouldn't believe how much difference 2 hours will make! Not only did I develop the character (whose past was being very difficult to divine) but I also wrote a 5 page outline of the story, the plot, the conflict AND I know who the killer is. What? Of course I'm not going to tell you!

Five pages to 203 words and, aside from the nitty gritty details, it's all there. As I said, a lesson in brevity.

Have you ever written a synopsis? Ever taken a writing workshop?
Have you ever written five pages just to get to the meat of a story? Just to know where you were coming from, where you were going?
How can you kill every ant within a ten mile radius of your home without resorting to Napalm or a small, nuclear warhead?


  1. Love that cool picture of your tomatoes! My hubby is the gardening gu-ru at our house. Our squash has almost taken over everything else we planted. :)

  2. have never done a synopsis or an outline...just let the story write itself...though i do keep a list of threads i need to tie up...

  3. Oh the dreaded synopsis. Hate those.

    But after writing a bunch of them, and yes, taking classes online, I can now do them fairly well. I kind of have a pattern I use, so I can keep it to just 3 paragraphs, or 250 words at most.

    Most editors and agents don't want the long ones. Long is not a problem. I can always do that later. I like doing the short ones you can use when you upload your books, since I'm Indie.

    Great post.

  4. Yay, I'm glad that you are getting settled in and that you guys love your new house. I had to laugh about the cat, and am so happy that you are enjoying your home office!

    No, I haven't written a synopsis yet, but I love learning how you "real writers" do things. I keep learning all the time.

    Kathy M.

  5. I have a bad habit of writing two to three chapters that turn out, after all is said and done, to be just background and character development. If I were to do that on purpose it wouldn't feel so painful when I had to cut them later. :(
    I have no magic ant solutions, sorry.

    In in process of fine tuning four synopses right now. Not easy. Congrats on getting yourself organized. I'll do that someday. :)

  6. Wow, lots of questions. :)

    I tried writing a synopsis once since I was attempting the snowflake method and it was interesting challenge. Never taken a writing workshop, though. Sorry to hear about the ants!

  7. Oh, lovely tomatoes! Are they Heirloom or something?

    I have written many synopses. It does get easier with practice. A little.

  8. I drafted a synopsis for a writing contest but I have not yet gone back to edit it (and the contest deadline passed; I didn't feel comfortable with the mandatory synopsis option when my synopsis needed work).

    It's good practice to weed out potential issues in the story. Since 2 page synopsis seem to be more common than longer ones (at least in the contest world) you really have to keep to the basics. For me, I found some of my bigger plot points could have been more intense and I should strengthen them in the story.

    I have some resources bookmarked on how to write a synopsis; all are helpful but different approaches exist, so it really involves finding the right approach for you.

  9. Have done all of the above at least once! Actually quite like writing synopses although they are quite difficult to do...

  10. Glad you are in and settled! and I'm glad the kitty likes the place too.

    I'm too busy running around like a nut to write a synopsis. Unless that is what I do in my head each week to plan on who is going where and when. ;)

  11. I've never written a synopsis before, but then I've never finished any of my WIP's, so that figures. :)

    I can't give you advice on killing ants. They kind of hang out at my house, no matter how many times I kindly show them the door (or the ant poison). And my cat refuses to eat them. He'll eat flies (yuck!) but not ants. So there's that option gone...

  12. Congrats on moving into your house! How fun. Are you gardening? We've really missed each other in the blog world, haven't we. It's been a summer of change for me as my oldest goes off to college soon, and a few other things happening.
    Write on!

  13. Lol! Napalm. :-) Darn ants. Congrats on your move! Love tomatoes from the garden...summer blts are the best. Hope you are doing well and having a great summer!


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