Wednesday, August 29, 2012

announcement, linkage, and sharing the excitement

FIRST the announcement:

I've decided to start posting responses to comments in the comments (terribly difficult decision, I know). Comments are like conversation to me and I want to keep the conversation going, between you and me and everyone else! Of course, if you ever want to email me, please do. Just know that my responses shall be in the comment area and NOT sent via email. I have several readers who don't allow email responses and I don't want to leave anyone out :D

SECOND the linkage:

Writer Karen Finnyfrock gives some advice on what to do and what not to do at a reading.

Who wouldn't want to write in Paris? NYU's low-res MFA program now takes 20 lucky writers to the City of Light for a MFA workshop!! Honey, if you're reading this, I think I've made my grad school decision :)

If you write Literary Fiction, you may be interested in these 40 new markets now accepting submissions. Thanks Poet's and Writer's Magazine!


Some of you may have heard me talk about the most AWESOME series of fantasy books out on the market today. James A. Owen. If you don't know him, go, NOW, and pick up the first book in his fantasy series "Here, There Be Dragons". DO NOT under any circumstances read the back of the book, especially if it's the paperback edition. Some moron decided to divulge something very, very important on the back cover. Seriously, I'll never understand that one. If you DO, it won't ruin the whole story, just the "holy crap" moment at the very last page.

But I digress....

This series is filled with allusions to fantasy literature. If you are a fan of past and present fantasy, you have GOT to read this series.

Now to the awesome: The SIXTH book in the Imaginarium Geographica IS HERE!!! Yes, I really am that excited about a book Sorry that you now have to read five books before you can enjoy the new one, but I assure you: your time will be well spent and you will not be disappointed! Dear Husband, if you're still reading this, I'll be leaving for the bookstore in about five minutes to pick up my copy of The Dragons of Winter.

**happy nerd dance**

Happy Reading/Writing/Nerd Dancing!!


  1. "Random person" could be any of my family members. :)

    Thanks for referring James A. Owen's books. I'll check them out!

  2. I reply to comments in the comments.

  3. Well, I read your post and it looks like I need to get my passport soon. I was going to suggest going to the bookstore tonight, but I'm sure by the time I get home you will have already devoured the new book. ;p I need to catch up on that series.

  4. I do the same thing with comments.

    Note taken: Will not read the blurb of the paperback for Here, There Be Dragons!

  5. that's how I handle comments.

  6. Thanks guys! For a while, the emailing was working, but I find that many people just don't subscribe to that. No worries! Good to know I'm not alone :)

    @Emily - Yes, I get so excited over books and people in my family tend to grin and nod! Owens' books are BRILLIANT!

    @Golden - It's sad that you have to dodge the back of a book! I guess the publishers didn't find some things worth keeping secret!

  7. OMG, you get to do the low res MFA in Paris part of the time? Wow.

  8. @Lydia- YES! Wouldn't that be wonderful? Not sure how much something like that would cost, but it is definitely worth checking into :)


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