Due to Circumstances Beyond Our Control...

...our intrepid blogger has been detained by a horrendous amount of school work which has culminated in a 10 page term paper and a Powerpoint presentation. Do forgive her absence as she frantically tries to uphold her current g.p.a. while still maintaining the facade of a somewhat normal existence.

All should be repaired by next week.

Most sincerely yours,
(Blog Ghost)


  1. Thanks for the update blog ghost...best wishes for a good presentation.

  2. Good luck with your paper and presentation!

  3. Best of luck! Life has a habit of being filled with all sorts of demands.

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  5. Thanks everyone! I made it through finals unscathed (and I'm about 99% sure I didn't do anything too terrible to my GPA. Whew...

    Six more classes...six more classes...six more classes....


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