Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Everyday Luxuries

We've been spending a lot of time lately in front of the fireplace. With the cold, Arctic air and and wind whipping the frost from the trees, the hearth seems like the best place to be. Yesterday, we kept things simple: soup for lunch, a quick run for burgers for dinner and always a fire burning.

(In other news, Jon finally made it through The Hobbit! I've been watching it since Christmas day and, bless him, he's slept through it as many times as I've watched it!)

While we've been huddled in the house, I've been thinking about how we tend to incorporate little luxuries into our everyday life. With the soup, I grated cheese and made garlic toast, put those on small plates and we communed around the coffee table with a friend. Last night, we sipped tea in the bonus room (know affectionately as "The Nest") while the radiator gave off the most delicious heat. The tea drinking has become a nightly ritual, one that I look forward too during the day.

It isn't much. We don't spend hundreds of dollars on fine china and imported teas. We simply use what we have to make everyday things, necessities, a bit more special.

I encourage you to slip some everyday luxuries into your own life. A bit of garnish for that tomato soup. Add some vanilla beans to your sugar dish. Feast on toast from china plates as if you're the Queen of England.

Stay warm, my friends. And stay creative!


  1. Yes!!! I finally made it through! I knew if we started early, I wouldn't fall asleep! :) I've enjoyed keeping a fire going these last few days. Now I have to buy more wood.

    1. Hehe, I knew you'd make it :) And yes, more wood would be delightful!

  2. Love it and I agree! I actually just made tea was thinking just how wonderful it is....a little honey, little lemon. Cheers to enjoying the little things!

    1. The little things are what life is made up of! I'm having to relearn that. It's one of my goals for the new year: to pay attention to and enjoy the little moments that make up every day of my life! We don't get them back :) Might as well spend them on something tea!


Well, hello! I'm so glad you made it. Come inside and sit by the hearth. I'll take your coat and hat. The kettle is singing and there's cake and candles and good conversation. Settle in and make yourself at home. Don't mind the wolfhounds; they're friendly if you give them a bit of lemon curd.