Monday, January 6, 2014

It is a Cold Wind that Blows Ill Will...

Or just an Arctic windchill factor that sends the patio chimes into a frenzy.

Where to begin? At the beginning? How about right where I'm at.

So much has happened since last we met. I am now a college graduate. Huzzah! The garden we so painstakingly planned and planted last spring floated away. And I have spent nine months harboring ideas which will finally (finally!!) come to light here...on this little blog.

Christmas was a feast of light and food and family. In lieu of felling a Christmas tree, we constructed one out of pallet wood, one from two snipped cedar branches (graciously donated from the cow pasture behind our yard), one from an old, quasi-stolen wood ladder, and finally, one wound upward from the carpet from stacks, and stacks of books!

Wanna see?

For those of you who read my other blog, I apologize for the double inundation of Christmas tree addict photos. But seriously, how do you not post a picture of a book tree?

Right now, I'm sitting in our bonus room which we've lovingly dubbed The Nest. The radiator is on full blast and a cup of tea is soon to follow. A candle is lit, the computer is humming (not sure if that's good or not...) and outside the temperature is plummeting down, down. We're headed for single digits I hear. To those of you suffering ice and snow, stay warm! Oh, and send some snow my way! I haven't had a snow day in two years...

Come nightfall, the fireplace will be lit and large amounts of cocoa will be consumed. Jon is off tomorrow because (shock!) The Company has deemed it too cold to work tomorrow. One has to wonder what spurred such compassion on their part, considering THEY don't work in the elements as Jon does. Ah well, I'm certainly not going to complain! I'm happy he'll be here and warm!

There's a lot of fun in store this year, dear readers! I'm looking forward to sharing some long overdue plans with you all! Keep in touch, keep warm, and pour another cuppa for me!


  1. LOVE the trees. :)

    Be careful in the cold. My car registered -15 degrees this morning...and that is without wind chill factor. I nearly cried as I dug my office keys out of my pockets and tried to open the door.

    I'm glad that your husband is off tomorrow--I wish I had gotten the "work from home" email early enough to stay home today. :(

    Be safe! Stay warm and just take it easy. This cold is hard on your body, even if you stay inside.

    1. Thanks, Lin! You take it easy too! Sorry you've had to go in to work while it's soo cold! Brrr! And I know it's much, much colder where you are!

      Stay warm, my friend!

  2. hello Jen Happy New Year :) and a belated Happy Christmas :) plus i am loving your post :) plus the tree off course ; want to mention that clearly ;) Love you dear

    1. Hi Monu! Thanks so much for stopping by! Happy New Year and a very Merry (belated) Christmas to you as well. Glad you enjoyed the post and the trees. They were fun to make :)


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