Monday, January 27, 2014

Monday Makes: laMMMMMMMb

Hello dear ones! For this episode of Monday Makes, we're talking LAMB.

Thursday I took an adventurous ride from Hampton to Decatur. Forty-five minutes and much highway annoyance later, I found m’self at The Dekalb International Farmer’s Market. I’d LOVE to show you some pictures of this small universe but, alas, no picture taking aloud L. The city of Decatur is a designated refugee site, meaning, people who are displaced from their own countries may be sent to Decatur, GA once they enter the United States. Who knew? It’s not like it’s New York or anything. This explains why one can venture into Decatur and find this bustling world market extravaganza! Seriously: every country and nationality is represented here in the form of food, spices, wine, cheese, meat, employee background, even vegetables and chocolate. Oh, dear friends, it is a feast in every sense of the word!

I brought home a couple of lamb chops. Now, I’ve never cooked lamb chops. They looked scrumptious and the felt a bit guilty looking over the meat while the butcher looked at me with a gaze that said, “Your eyes touched that; you must buy it.” So I did! And this, dear readers, is what I did to these little lamby-kins:

My First Go @ Lamb:

Rub your lamb chops with sea salt, pepper and some curry spice
Put a dab of olive oil in a skillet and turn the heat on to medium
Lay those little chops in the oil and let brown on both sides
Cover and cook for about 10-13 minutes, depending on how you like your meat (for me, medium rare to medium)
Serve with cucumber dill sauce. Eat. Enjoy. Rapturous.

Cucumber Dill Sauce:

In a medium mixing bowl whisk together:

1 cup of plain, unflavored and unsweetened Greek yogurt or Kefir
1 tsp of dried dill
1/2 tsp of dried mint (or fresh, whatever you've got!)
Juice from 1/2 a lemon
1/2 cucumber, peeled and diced
1 tsp sea salt or to taste
1/4 cup chopped red onion (optional)

Spoon liberally atop the lamb chops. This also makes a fantastic salad dressing or sauce for just about anything. Or you can just eat it by itself with a large spoon.

How was YOUR weekend? Cook anything fantastic?


  1. They look delicious!! I love lamb chops.

  2. My mom used to make lamb and serve it with that fluorescent green mint sauce!

    1. Hi Kim! Mmmm, I know what mint sauce you're talking about. Delicious!


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