New Year's Revolutions

You've probably seen these commercials as many times as I have. A man sits at a small table surrounded by elementary school-aged children. He asks them a question and them the children give varying -and hilarious- responses. The most recent one has a little boy declaring that the New Year is when you make your "new year's revolutions" to which the man responds with mock fear. The little boy, of course, isn't talking about uprising; he wants to eat more jelly beans. But it got me thinking: what if this year, instead of resolutions or goals, what if I DID make New Year's REVOLUTIONS?

What would I revolt against? What would my Revolution look like?

I'd fight against the tyranny of Fear and the prison of What If. I'd revolt against Trying to Please Others and Worrying about What Others Think (or might think) Of Me.

I'd fight for my right to be ME; fight for my right to be REAL.

New year, new opportunities. It may not seem like much, but 365 days is a long time. Every year I'm amazed at what I COULD have done, at what others DID do.

Let this year be YOUR year, the year you rise up against the fears that have been holding you back, preventing you from living the best life you can live. All those things that prevent you from going after those long held dreams and desires. Get started. Make a list and do one thing on that list everyday towards these new, shiny goals.

Will it be scary? Yes. Will the fear go away over night? No. In fact you'll probably deal with fear the rest of your life. But DEAL with it; don't let it deal with you!

Happy weekend dear friends!

PS: I'm blogging about choosing new books to read over at my Book Blog! I'd love to see you there and get your thoughts :)


  1. Those commercials are funny.
    It will be scary, but we are capable of so much. We just have to try.

    1. Yes, it is scary, but what is scarier is NOT stepping out to find out if all that scary is just a smoke screen preventing me from seeing a better life!

  2. Love this post! I really want this to be the year when I finally make things happen.

    1. Thanks! Yes! Go for it! The year will pass by anyway; might as well make it pass by working hard towards the completion of your goals :)


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