Friday, January 17, 2014

Waking up the Muse

If you've been to my writing blog, you already know this has been a crazy week. Now you know again :P Seriously, I've been hunting for some quiet time to make my reading rounds. I think I found it...tomorrow! Ah well...extra work is better than no work!

Here's a little something I've been wanting to start for a while. A weekly post featuring a selection of images I've discovered while wandering. Most of them are courtesy of Pinterest (*slight* addiction) but all have the original link attached.

As a writer, I find myself constantly looking for inspiration. Once a week, I'm slapping some visual inspiration right here! Little somethings to jog your memory, wake up your muse, or just make you laugh hard enough to get your creative juices flowing again. Who knows? There may be a story tucked in here, just waiting for you to discover it! Cheers :)

Be Quiet!
this should be in every library :)

Got a character that won't shut up? Let him have it! Better yet, what IS he trying to say? Why won't anyone listen to him? And why is he so desperate to be heard?


This lady's pinboards are always gorgeous. Sometimes I just like to stare at them and imagine my own life in a canopy of white... (original photo found here)

An inn tucked away in the snowy mountains. Relaxation and rejuvination. The scene of a romance? Or a grisly murder waiting to happen? Or maybe those candles start to flicker and there's no wind...maybe the table begins to creak across the floor and no one's around...hmm...

It is a collection of vapours from 3 graveyards around the world-Salem, Highgate and Sighisoara (Romania, Transylvania

The caption reads: "It is a collection of vapours from 3 graveyards around the world: Salem, Highgate, and Sighisoara (Romania, Transylvania)". Not sure what kind of vapours, but very interesting! There's a story here...

"Where on EARTH did you get THAT?" "Grandma's old trunk. She'll never miss it."
Or will she?

chocOlate ice cream with marshmallows
chocolate ice cream with marshmallows...yum, yum! The original post is in German but I'm sure you could either translate it or find a recipe in English. Unless, of course, you speak German ;)

Hot summer day, your characters need to cool down. Serve up some ice cream. Start a new cozy mystery based in an ice cream shop and share some recipes with us after the crime is solved. Better yet, ever thought of writing a cookbook? Oh, I have...

Oh, to have a vintage library.

A library of vintage books! Pinned from HERE and found HERE.

Something fantastic ALWAYS happens in libraries. Give your characters an adventure or two from a book, a library or a bookstore. Or write an essay about something magical that has happened to you in connection with one of those.

Travel Journal...

Gorgeous idea for a travel journal!! Pinned from HERE and original found HERE!

Create a travel journal for your characters. Cut out pictures or sketch the places they've been or the places they must go. Give them a map, tear it out and burn it, let them take it with them but leave the important parts blank...

And last, but not least, a writer's prompt:

Daily Writing Prompt - Writers Write Creative Blog
This could be a fun way to get to know an new character, or add a bit of interest to an old one! Pinned from HERE and found originally HERE!

Have a wonderful weekend! See you in the comments! xo


  1. So many gorgeous photos, so many ideas to think about, all the sign of a great post!

    1. Thanks Kittie! So happy to see you here :)

  2. haha love the first one, let him have it indeed

    1. There have been (and are) many I've wished I could do that to!

  3. Love the idea of a weekly image selection. Great way to keep track of awesome images, too. Yeah... I really should be more active on Pinterest ;) Thanks for stopping over at my blog earlier; glad you liked it, and looking forward to many reciprocal visits :)

  4. These are great. I wonder if the vapors have some sort of magical powers. :D

  5. Good photos to inspire great ideas!

  6. Pinterest really does get your creative juices flowing, I see. Great questions you ask, and fun thought process of translating what you find into character development.


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