Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Wednesday Wake Up (the Muse)

Good afternoon! Bet you thought I'd forgotten about you (and this weekly post theme). No, just sidetracked by the Atlanta Snowpocalypse. It's been crazy around the metro area; thankfully we're both safe and sound and home and NOT trapped on the interstate. If you think about it, send up a prayer or three for those people who are still trying to get home. They've been on the road since noon...YESTERDAY!!!

Here's your five Wednesday Muse Wake-ups! As before, I'll post the photos, a link back to where I found them, and a line or two of writer/artist prompting. This week, everything revolves around snow. It's only fitting.

If you do anything with these prompts, I'd love to read/see it! Shoot me an email (jstantonchandler (at) gmail (dot) com) or leave me a comment below! Enjoy!


A lonely path? The road home? An enchanted road to an unknown realm?
You decide...


He shouldn't jump, that much was certain, but the temptation to fly was just too great.


Perhaps the way out leads through the dark forest and not around...

I certainly couldn't let this topic go without an image of the White Witch. Found on

Her lonliness finally became too great a burden to handle alone. She cast off all warmth and vowed to share her pain with everyone. The whole world would suffer because of what she's been forced to endure...

Speaking of armored bears...a still from The Golden Compass found at

Friend or foe? Wisdom or folly? Would you ride an armored bear? Would you befriend the enemy?

Happy writing, dear readers! Stay warm.


  1. I saw that people were trapped in their cars overnight in Atlanta. That is just crazy.

    1. It was insane! A lot of people we know were trapped out there for hours. Crazy! No one should have to go to work when they are forecasting ice.

  2. An interesting post that I enjoyed reading. They've forcast snow here in England.

    Thank you. Love love, Andrew. Bye.

    1. Thanks so much for stopping by! Glad you enjoyed the post :)


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