Monday, February 3, 2014

Monday Makes: Welcome to February!

Winter, for me, is gathering time. I hoard ideas like a magpie and winter is the perfect season to dig for more treasure. My collection of British magazines are so thumbed through they are tattered, bent, and ragged edged. My sketchbook is burgeoning with a page-a-day project I’ve been mustering up the discipline to do. Thirty-four days into 2014 and I have 34 pages filled with drawing, doodles, and notes. There are always notes.

As mentioned before, Pinterest is my addiction. I’m unashamed. I’m actually proud! Oh if Pinterest had existed when I was a teenager I could have wiled away the hours gathering project ideas, creating outfits, and ushering characters into my stories from the fantastic artistic talents of people far more gifted with pen and ink than I.

Here are just a couple of the project ideas I’ve woolgathered. They are on my list o’ things to do this year. If you find the time to dabble, drop me a line! I’d love to see what you’ve made.

1. Seahorse Branch Art

DIY Tree Branch Seahorse DIY Tree Branch Seahorse
tutorial found @ Useful DIY

Seeing as I can't return home from the beach without bags full of driftwood, this is the perfect summery project to warm up my winter studio!

2. Lovely felted mushroom bookmarks!

paddenstoelen tag
from a gorgeous Dutch blog called Artful Delight

Mushrooms and I go waaay back. No, not THAT far back and not THOSE kinds of mushrooms...geez...These would be adorable to give out to a book club or to any bookish friend.

3. This GORGEOUS bracelet

tutorial found @ Erin Siegel Jewelry

I've dabbled in jewelry making over the years without finding a medium that I loved. This branch tutorial however might just be the one that unintended!

4. Lovely tea towel 

another Dutch (?) language blog but O so gorgeous!! 101 Woonideeen: Theedoek met decor

Applique and iron-on transfers are some of my favorite art forms to play with. Tea towels are SO easy to make using appliqued fabric forms (either cut out free hand or the designs from the fabric cut out to make patches) and/or images printed out on iron-on transfer paper. If you're so inclined, you can also screenprint images onto the tea towels. That's another project for me to dabble in...when I have the room!

5. Tea Bag sachets!

DIY Letter Sachet
from adorably named blog miniature rhino :) by Jessica Marquez

If I was one to squee over cute, I would definitely do so over these. I've made some fabric tea bags filled with stuffing, but not any stuffed with lavender. Ahhh, what a fragrant way to spend an evening!

Got any creative plans for this year, lovelies? Any projects up your sleeves? Do you like to browse the interwebs and procure plans to stash away in wooden treasure chests for a rainy day? Do tell...



  1. You should get with Ella at the blog Ella's Edge - she is a master craftswoman and could give you even more ideas. Although those projects will keep you busy!

    1. Off to check her out this morning! Thanks :)

  2. Those are lovely! Rogue Quilter is amazing...too.

    1. Oooh, I haven't heard of Rogue Quilter. I'll have to stop by there! Thanks :)

  3. I'm tired and I don't really want to craft anymore. But I like to buy all that cool stuff, so my time is spent browsing on etsy. :)

    1. Etsy is one of the biggest time sucks for me! I love it! I hope to BE on it one day and then someone else can get lost in all my creations :)

  4. So many delightful crafty things here! I pretty much stick to crochet myself (when I'm not writing--I'm a fellow IWSG member), but I enjoyed looking through these.


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