Wednesday, October 21, 2015

An update of sorts...

This photo is the best picture of life I can post. Piles and piles of ideas. Ideas that have been in notebooks and computer files for YEARS.

And they are suddenly, yet slowly, becoming reality.

Needless to say, like you,  Dear Reader, I've been busy. Good busy, but busy. October is the start of festival season in Savannah. Okay, okay: we ALWAYS have festivals going on. It just seems like in October, EVERYone is having a festival, a party, a gallery opening, etc. The coffee roaster where my husband works has been busy with HUGE orders AND getting out in the community. The natural health shop I work for is celebrating 37 years in business this week as well as figuring prominently at a local food festival on Saturday. Not to mention the usual buzz around Halloween and the coming holidays of Thanksgiving and Christmas.


I love it. It's what we've always wanted. To put down roots in a thriving community. Add to that a creative opportunity that takes all my spare time AND the fact I was just crazy enough to sign up for NaNo this year...


But I'm happy. Very, very happy.

How have YOU been, Dear Reader? Busy? Resting? Gearing up for the celebrations of the coming months?

Have a WONDERFUL Wednesday,


  1. Yes, it's been super crazy as of late and will probably stay that way the rest of the year, but it's good and I haven't been happier! Thank you for being crazy enough to say yes to the things we want to do! 😁

  2. You're feeling at home already!
    May you conquer NaNo this year.

  3. I miss festival season in Georgia so much. :( Festival it up for me, please.

  4. Another masochist! November is my favourite writing month! I have 5 unfinished novels written in the NaNo craziness, but this year I'm going to write the second book in a series of paranormal romance. Yes, Jen! I finally published my first book, which is way exciting.

    Now Savannah sounds delightful with all those festivals. I live in a thriving arty community here in Brisbane, aptly named West End. Always street parties, markets, and of course the whole main street is full of funky places to eat. Enjoy your life there. So glad you got what you wanted and that pile of ideas is transferring into works of art.

    Denise :-)

  5. Oh, and we just finished our WEP challenge for Halloween. Is it already a year since you WON???


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