The Novel Time (and I) Forgot

I have plunged back into writing with both arms full! Last year was woefully bereft of high word counts but I did get a little story written :D. January started out with me chiseling out some quartz on a tricky little tale that still has me a bit befuddled.

Then I found a novel I'd forgotten about.

Seriously. I'd forgotten I written a book.

Who does that?

I was doing a character sketch, for a future project that, getting lost in, gives me great joy. Suddenly, I said, out loud, "I have a finished novel!" The cats, of course, didn't care, but I immediately went to scrounging. There, on my computer, transferred onto my external hard drive four years ago, was the folder.

I wrote it fast and, therefore, it is not really finished. Only technically finished in the sense of beginning, middle, end. It needs editing and stitching together but it has given me a great discovery: I helped me figure out a very confusing problem I was having with the tricky little tale mentioned above. The red thread of connection cinched and I now know where it fits in. I could feel the stones fall into place.




And now I sit, pouring over a four year old manuscript enjoying weaving the characters together, understanding their stories, and getting from a rather messy point A to point B, tidying up along the way.

TELL ME: What are you working on? Any fun discoveries lately? Have you ever forgotten you wrote a book?

Happy Writing,
(and keep those manuscripts close...)


  1. That's cool you remembered it. Keep after it.
    One manuscript sat in my drawer for thirty years before I revised it. It became my first published novel.

    1. Thanks! It was kind of funny, my reaction to remembering. I was sitting down, doodling, and suddenly jumped out of the chair and ran to my computer. I yelled, "I have a novel!" I think my cats were more concerned than usual for my sanity :)


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