Friday, April 14, 2017

Hooray, It's Friday!

Good morning! It's Friday.

We made it :)

I hope you have a wonderful weekend planned, even if your plans look a lot like this:

Easter is Sunday. For those of you who celebrate, I hope you have a fantastic day of worship, of family and friends (and, of course, some excellent food!) We'll have a quiet one with a small ham dinner for the two of us and quite possibly a trip out to the beach. There's a sunrise service out at the pier but when Sunday is your husband's only day off, you don't make him get up at 5 a.m....not even for the sunrise over the Atlantic!

How has your week been? Was it filled with all the things you love to do? Crafting, writing, running, weaving, reading, eating, coffee drinking?

Whatever you do, whatever you love, whatever your passion and whatever your joy, I wish you all that and more this beautiful, Easter weekend.



  1. We used to go to Easter Sunrise Service at the beach, too, but over the years the traffic and the crowds grew so that it kind of lost that lovely, peaceful, connected feeling.

    1. We're not sure how the traffic will be but I think it would be worth it just once for the experience. But I'm like you: too much traffic and too many people take away from the "moment".

  2. Those cats certainly seem to have the right idea when it comes to relaxing over the weekend :-)

    1. Oh they always know how to relax! Except when I'm trying to relax (or work) and they decide it would be a great time to climb on and in and behind EVERYTHING!


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