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A Pilgrimage of Place began as a collection of essays on the places I've come from, the place I've been, the places I'm going. These places can be physical or metaphysical. I'm a constant gardener of hopes and dreams. I hold tightly to the notion that the world is a beautiful place and worth exploring. While I can't hop a plane or boat at the moment, I can explore through books, websites, literature, food, music, and other nouns that allow me to live vicariously through research and experiment.

We can pilgrimage through our belongings and our ideas as much as we can by physically wandering or focusing our research energy on a place that's pulling us.

My photographs are of the lovely, little things that have followed me from place to place, house to house, year to year. They are gathering places, collections, cabinets of curiosities and affirmations of life beyond the gloom that so often gets front page. I ramble around my Deep South home, inside and out, on the look out for little lovelies, architectural highlights, inspirational shops and dreamy landscapes.

As a writer, I find that my past has a way of wriggling into my stories, especially things that I'd thought were buried and gone. Hopes and dreams, fears and night terrors all creep into my stories and clamor for sunlight. It's through this fusion of self and fiction that our stories find connection and build community. When we put ourselves in our work, others find themselves in the similarities of our experiences and hope to push through to their own better place. 

The first Wednesday of every month is the Insecure Writer's Support Group gathering. The posts on those days will be tailored to the monthly questions put forth by this online group.

I hope you enjoy these musings as well as the creations they inspire. I invite you to share your own travels with me, whether they are virtual, actual, through books, art, music, or otherwise.

Here's to adventure!

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I'm happy to see you here <3

** Everything I write here is by me and me alone. It's not affiliated with anything else, no one else, and expresses my own opinions about whatever subject with which I'm currently obsessed. All designs, artwork and photographs - unless otherwise stated - also belong to me and may not be used without permission.

By all means, shoot me an email if you have any questions, want to use anything you read or see on your blog or website, or if you just want to say hello: jstantonchandler (at) gmail (dot) comThank you for stopping by.


  1. I love these essay areas. Thank you for sharing your insightful writing, Jen!

    1. Thank you so much! I'm looking forward to getting back into sharing them with more focused postings on specific days.


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