Writing Prompts

Writing prompts are designed to get your muse excited. They are words or phrases that jump start your creativity and announce to your brain "NOW is the time to get creative!"

I've spent years collecting hundreds and hundreds of potential writing prompts from books, movies, songs, walking on the beach, daydreams, and random sparks of inspiration. Please, take your time, take what you need, and, by all means, share with me what you've written!

Use these to spark a Stream of Consciousness session.
Use them for the first line of your novel.
Toss them into your already started story and see what happens. Shake things up a bit or go off on a whole new rabbit trail.

Enjoy yourself and have fun!
Writing can get lonely and frustrating. I hope these little snippets of oddity and curiosity can bring a spark back into your writing and maybe inspire you to keep going even if the words THE END seem a long way off.

(Share your prompt inspired stories: jstantonchandler (at) gmail (dot) com OR in the comment section below. All highlighted prompts are linked to a blog post in which I used them.)

* * * * *
1. The moon, she sings
2. There are, he decided, far too many ways to kill oneself
3. If only there was a fire escape that didn't seem to descend into the belly of hell
4. The back of the drawer tempted me, taunted me

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