Monday, February 7, 2011

Adventures in Bat Busting!

Ever wake up in the middle of the night and hear a strange fluttering noise? I just knew that Foster Dog was eating something ELSE: another DVD, another Hemingway. Our bedroom is in an open upstairs loft area so I can get up and look over the short wall and see what the furry beasts are up to. I peered over the wall and my husband called out to Foster Dog to stop. "Gracie! Stop!" In true horror movie fashion, I turned to him and said, "That's not Gracie."

Gracie was sound asleep in the chair; Colby was behind me asleep. Down the stairs I go, turning on lights and walking right up to the front window. It sounded like dirt was falling from the ceiling. Assuming it was a bug trapped upside down, I looked around the floor, in an old cardboard box, even in the window sill but found nothing. Until it swooped down from the ceiling at my head! (Explicatives may or may not have been uttered at this moment...)

A bat was fluttering madly from one side of the room to the other. All I could think of was that if it got caught in my hair I might loose one of my nine lives. We put on sock hats (which was funny considering Jon HAS no hair) and grabbed a broom and a spot light (FLASH LIGHT is now at the top of our shopping list). Of course the bat decided to disappear. We could still hear it but it was no where to be seen. Little pieces of dirt fell from the brick walls and I jabbed at the curtains with a long stick left over from a craft project. Nothing. No bat. Just spectral scufflings. The dog stood next to us thinking it was all a game. The cat (who loves to play tough and try to pounce on bats and birds while watching safely from the window) ran upstairs and hid. Not finding anything (or having any idea as to how to eject the little bugger from the house at 3am) we called it a night and pulled the covers over our heads.

And I started giggling.
"What?" Jon asks.
"You know you're a writer when you're chasing a bat at 3am and all you can think of is what to title the blog post!"

How was YOUR weekend? Any adventures, bat busting or otherwise? (I'm so using this in a story...)

- The bat was caught yesterday by a kind man with a long bamboo pole and a pillow case. It decided to perch in the far, right corner of our ceiling. Seeing as we have 16 foot ceilings and no hovercraft, the bamboo pole was necessary. No bats, humans, or bamboo forests were harmed in the making of this film.


  1. hahahahahahaha oh it's happened to me too.

    Don't know if this will help the trauma, but bats will never get stuck in your hair as long as it has somewhere else to go...


    But they freak the hell out of me regardless.


  2. How scary! Bats and bugs and creepy crawly things freak me out. You handled it much better than I would have! And the title of the post is great. :)

  3. There were bats in our house as well; at least three of them, actually, roosting in the back room or something like that. I like the creatures well enough, but not when they're flying around in human homes . . .

  4. Jen, that is hysterical!!!

    I laughed reading this post! Keep em' coming, girlie!!

  5. I was on the edge of my seat!! You are such a great writer. There were a lot of bats out in the country where we used to live here in Italy. That's actually the one of the very few occurrences that I had ever even seen a bat. This sounds quite scary but glad to hear it's all resolved! :)


  6. I would have been scared to death, but yeah, I probably would have been thinking about writing a blog post about it. Glad it all turned out okay.

  7. Hilarious - okay, maybe not while it was happening. But loved the retelling!


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