Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Totally Random Wednesday

I see I have a few more followers! Thanks and welcome along for the ride! Today's post may be a bit ... off, thanks to copious amounts of Pepsi for dinner last night and strange goings on at The Job:

1. Started reading Lockdown by Alexander Gordon Smith. Wow. Holy Crap. Shudder. That is all. Will report back when book is finished :D

2. Seems my stint here in Job Land will be shorter than I'd anticipated. I turned in ample notice last month and have now been told that the person who will take my place can start in two weeks. I'm being shooed out the door faster than a bat stuck in your living room at 3 in the morning. Oh la writing life!

3. Upon further reflection (and one last chance given) Star Wars: Episodes 1 and 2 are as disappointing as I remember them.

4. Final exam time, duckies, and then it's off to my next class in which I get to spend 8 weeks learning how to write convincing arguments. College credit for arguing = FABULOUS!!

5. It's been 65+ degrees here for the past week (don't hate me). I got sunburned this past Saturday. Sunburned! In February. Ca-RA-zy.

6. In writing news, my book is still sitting on the trunk in the back room, patiently (HA!) waiting for me to pick it up, dust it off, and whip it in to gear. My muse isn't amused (heh) but he's dealing with the delay. However, looking again at #2, I should be back in the writing realm sooner than I originally thought.

How's THAT for random? How's your week been so far? Tell me something random!



  1. Random, huh?

    I am very close to having the entirety of Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog memorized because my 3-year-old is obsessed with it. He makes my husband and I quote it with him constantly. He takes Dr. Horrible's lines and we take everyone else. His favorite song is the first Bad Horse song. :)

  2. You might just win the award for randomness! That's hilarious :D

  3. I hope you can get back to writing soon! And its in the 70s here, which I am LOVING. Seriously, this is the reason I moved from Boston back to Texas.

  4. A sunburn in February. Hmmm. I spent Monday night at a hockey game. Not getting a sunburn.

  5. Yep. That's pretty random. My muse is tapping her foot because I spent today sorting my blogs instead of writing like I wanted to.

    But hell. It was either that or feeling guilty about not getting to everyone or... reading 465 blogs. *shudder*.

    So... writing will commence tomorrow.


  6. I haven't been to a hockey game in years. I love hockey! Hope the game was a good one :D

  7. I wanted to believe my dissopintment in the first two episodes was cycnism as well, but you are right, they are really dissapointing. Such a big budget and so many talented people, what a shame...maybe they can do a re-do? One without JarJar Binks?

  8. Hmm...

    Well, I moved a TV I should not have and I now have a 6 inch wide bruise on my leg because it slipped and somehow it my thigh. How, I have no idea.


  9. I wish I could take a class on arguing! That homework would be fun!

  10. um... agree with #3!! silly movies. LOL.

    something random... i'm recently obsessed with the singing voice of Darren Criss, one of the newest additions to Glee. :) I play his songs on repeat.. all day.. every day. :) Although Bruno Mars is now fighting for his spot...

  11. Carolyn - I'd love for them to redo the movies without JarJar Binks and with someone else cast as Anakin. But please keep Ewan McGregor...he's the only reason I go back and watch them!

    Heather - yeowch! I hope that bruise gets better soon. I always end up with some massive bruise or scrape no matter what I move. Heck, I could move a stack of books and injure myself!

  12. Interesting random tidbits. Sorry about being pushed out the door early. I guess my random tidbit is that I'm wondering where the week went, because I've got 56 posts in my feed and am so far behind on my reading.


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