Tuesday, April 5, 2011

"C" and "D" and WOW!!

WOW!! Hello to all my new followers!! I profoundly apologize for my absence the past few days from the blogverse and the AZ Challenge. Our Internet has been down. Hurrah.

Anywho, I wanted to duck in and give you a double post, since I missed yesterday.


Confidence is key. I know, cliche, but it holds such enormous truth! If we're confident in what we're writing, in who we are, in our art, we will create with wild abandon. Freedom in any art form is what draws people in. They see your genius simply because you weren't thinking about it. You were simply doing what you do and having a darn good time at doing it. Confident people don't constantly fret over their hair, their teeth, their jeans' size. They aren't always double-minded or second guessing their creations or actions. They create, they live. They ARE. And they live brighter.

Consistency. Ooohhh, this one runs right into...


CONSISTENCY requires DISCIPLINE. If we aren't consistent with our work, we'll never progress or grow. In order to do this, we have to be willing to show up. "Butt in Chair" is the mantra of many writers. If we aren't there, at the computer, at the blank page, how can we expect anything to happen? "But I'm drawing a blank" we complain. Then draw the best darn blank you can draw! Write the same word over and over and over again until something bursts out. Crumple up those pages and start over. DETERMINATION is the only way you're going to see your ideas, your dreams through to COMPLETION :D

Have a wonderful day, I hope to be back online in a way that will allow me to visit all you amazing blogs. I'll be responding to your comments soon. Thank you in advance for them.



  1. "If we're confident in what we're writing, in who we are, in our art, we will create with wild abandon."
    So true!

  2. Wonderful advice to draw the best blank we can. I sympathise with those who get writer's block and thankful that it's not something I struggle with. I do need some help in the discipline department though, since I write in fits and starts.

  3. Gosh but I loved how you tied this together. These twins work! Great choices, Jen!

  4. just a hello from a fellow AtoZ blogger.
    Moody Writing

  5. I was thinking "Crap" and "Dammit" if you don't have your C and D words. ;) Hee! Hee!

  6. Got it! Consistent discipline. You pack quite a bit in this short post :) Hope you're back online soon.
    Jules @ Trying To Get Over The Rainbow

  7. Ok so I feel like you are speaking to me personally here. These are four things I need to work on the most!

    Hope you get the net back to normal soon!

  8. "Draw the best darn blank you can draw." I love it!!!! You know, you are so right. We need to shed the doubts like a smelly old winter coat and write naked...you know what I mean.


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