Friday, July 29, 2011

You gotta let yourself go

"Nothing will work unless you do." ~Maya Angelou

Creativity is a fickle beast. Be it writing or painting, sculpting out of metal or gluing magazine pictures to a piece of canvas, who knows where the muse will strike, why, or when. We, as writers and creative souls, try so very hard to dictate when and where the Muse will appear. We give her candles and incense. We shower her with music and meditation. We bribe her with wine and chocolate. Yet, all the while, Muse sits back and waits.


Greater artists than I have said it countless times: if you want inspiration to strike, you better get in there and work. Inspiration doesn't come when we're lounging on the sofa (though I've had it hit me while laying by the sea). It comes when we're working, when we're lost in some project, even a half-hearted project we started "just because".

We have to be willing to do our part if we except the bolt from the blue to hit us.

1) Show up!
Writing nook, work table, or corner of kitchen table; wherever you create, be there, regularly.

2) Work. Hard.
Yep; pick up that pen, clatter about on those keys regularly. It doesn't matter if you write "I can't think of a bloody thing to write about" five hundred and sixty two times. You're writing. And trust me, the words that need to be said will come.

3) Rinse and Repeat.
Simple? In theory. Hard as heck? You betcha. Why? Because it's important. Because it matters. If it didn't, we wouldn't bemoan the fact we're stuck on page 210 with our protagonist pacing a trench in the living room floor for lack of something to do.

I suppose that sums it up: it matters. And if it matters, it must MATTER. It must come from the aether, from the Muse, and become something tangible. A book. A painting. A bar of soap.

And that's only going to happen if you make it happen.

Happy weekend,


  1. That "show up" part is so important! I totally agree.

  2. I'm feeling encouraged (prodded) to get off my comfy couch and do something. Thanks for the words of motivation today.

  3. You know it. If only we had a bell to ring the muse in. *Sigh* Sometimes the only way out is indeed through.

  4. Hi Nia! I totally agree with you. I'd love to be able to dictate when and where the Muse showed up. I'd call him in while I was washing dishes. I mean, what better excuse, right? "Sorry I couldn't finish cleaning. The Muse came in and I HAD to entertain!!"



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