Monday, August 8, 2011

Creativity and the Everyday

(from my own back yard)

There are seemingly countless ways to find inspiration for our work. A sunrise; birds perched on our window sill; the stillness just as the house settles down for the night.

Normal. Average. Everyday.

I've fallen victim to feeling as if there was nothing in my everyday that could inspire. I kept looking to far off lands, places I've visited or lived in the past, instead of what was right in front of me.

Last week, I went for my morning walk and suddenly it hit me. Right here, right now was the inspiration I was seeking for the setting for my story. Not a city I once lived in. The city I now lived in. It's not perfect, and I'll have to do a bit of tweaking to make it the coastal town of my character's everyday existence, but it was right there. All I had to do was open my eyes and see it

What about you? What can you take from your everyday and put into your stories, your art? Have you been looking further and further away from home for inspiration? There's nothing wrong with that. However, whether writing fantasy or murder mysteries, sometimes the best place to start is your own back yard.

Happy Monday to you all.


  1. You have such lovely blogs, and I don't see them enough.
    Thank you for being a wonderful Follower of my blog, please click here and collect an award for your time and effort

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  2. Such good advice! I love going on walks when I brainstorm a book--now I'll make sure to keep an eye out and see if my own setting will fit.

  3. Inspiration comes from anywhere. Most often it hits just as I am falling asleep. My iphone saves me from scrawling on a notepad in the bathroom in the middle of the night. Now I can just make my note and go back to sleep until the next idea strikes.

  4. well luckily with my art journal and photography, i often have to, quite literally, use what's right in front of me.

    with writing, given what i write on my blog, same thing.

    i haven't really done any creative writing in awhile that i've wanted to commit to. hopefully that will change. i have a few ideas--i just have to actually start them.

  5. Thanks for the award, Susan! I'm off to receive it now. Thanks also for stopping by :) Good to hear from you!


  6. Hi Rebecca!

    I've been known to grab my phone in the middle of the night and type frantic notes for a story. Why can't they come to us when we're sitting at the computer? Sheesh...these muses :)

    Thanks for stopping by!


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