Tuesday, August 16, 2011

O Happy Day

Don't you just love surprises? It seems I've got me an award and it was a lovely surprise when I logged on this afternoon!! Laura over at Daily Dodo passed along this award:

From what I've read, this award has to do with friendship and having less than 200 followers. SO. If you are reading this and have less than 200 followers (as I do) please consider this award yours :). I know, cheap way to pass it along, but there's just so many great blogs out there who aren't being followed and if I were to list them all here, well, you'd get tired of scrolling through them all! That, and I'm studying for a final exam and have precious little time to do so. Please don't think badly of me!

In other news, my mom came down this morning and taught me how to make jelly. We have this huge grapevine that grows over the brick wall of our courtyard and no one does anything with the HUGE bunches of grapes that grow on it. I casually mentioned I'd like to learn how to make jelly, so down comes my mom and we make jelly. What do you think?

Forgive the lack of posts. Been a bit busy with school work! BUT, I have two weeks off starting Thursday so I hope to be a bit more of a presence around here, at least until my next class starts!!

Happy Tuesday!


  1. Homemade grape jelly! Awesome! I know--school has kept us busy. I hope Sept. slows it all down a bit.

  2. What do I think? Yummy! I'll have some on buttered toast, thank you. Love the Liebster award. I got one, too. Might have to mention it soon!!

  3. That jelly looks fantastic! I want to learn to make freezer strawberry jam. Good luck with the school work!

  4. Homemade anything usually sounds good. Jelly could be exceptional.
    Hope all is well with you.

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