Monday, August 22, 2011

The Power of Memory

How could I resist a writing book with a nod to Lewis Carroll on the cover?

Dinty W. Moore has written a fabulous book called "Crafting the Personal Essay: A Guide for Writing and Publishing Creative Nonfiction". Granted, I've only just begun reading it, but the exercises I've completed so far really get the juices flowing.

Moore talks about how we're conditioned (thanks to well meaning school teachers) to think that essays are to be dry and indigestible. His book is a refreshing debunk of this theory. He really gets to the meat and potatoes of writing personal reflections. And what, if anything, is a blog but a collection of personal reflections?

If you, like I, have ever wondered how to make your writing more YOU, you might like what Moore has to say. Like I said, I've only just started reading it, but so far, I've written three essays that I actually feel good about and I'm eager to learn more!!

Happy Monday! Now, go do something fabulous!!!


  1. Interesting! I will have to check this book out. Thanks for sharing. :)

  2. That's exactly the way that I like to write. Sounds like a great book.

  3. It sounds like a very cool book. I could've used it when I was writing essays for school.

  4. OH MY! That is exactly what I am trying to write, THANK YOU. I will add this book to my birthday wish list.

    And thank you for the lovely comment on Monday. :)
    Jules @ Trying To Get Over The Rainbow

  5. I'll definitely look into that.


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