Thursday, August 18, 2011

You Can Do It!

Sounds like a motivational speech title, doesn't it. Well, maybe it is. Sometimes, I need to hear someone tell me I can do it, whatever it is. My final exam in my religion class is today. It has been nice hearing my husband tell me, "I know you can do it!" throughout this school journey. Considering my next class is speech (bleck!) I'll really need to hear it some more!

When I sit down to write, there's usually no one around to cheer me on. Sure, there are all of you fabulous bloggers who are toiling right alongside me. There are books and newsletters. But no physical presence to shout "Go, Fight, WIN!" when I start pounding out the vision. And I'd wager that there's not too many of us writers who have our own personal cheering section occupying half of our living room.

So here's to you, tenacious writers who get up day after day and clatter about the keys, putting face to vision. Here's to your dreams and goals and ideas. Here's to those 100+ words you'll type out this hour. Here's to the 15 you struggle through that make you cry with frustration. Hey, it's 15 more words than you had last night. Here's to those who will type the coveted "The End" this afternoon, and to those who will sit down with a pristine file opened and type "Once upon a time", beginning, perhaps, for the first time.

Here's to YOU! You can do it!! Whatever it is you have to do today, no matter what, you can!


  1. Aw, thank you so much! I needed this today--I'm so close to finishing final edits! Good luck with all your classes!

  2. And, here's to you, too! Good luck on the finals and the speech class.


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