Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Insecure Writer's Support Group

Am I insecure?

You betcha. Not in the actual writing. No, I love writing. It's the idea of showing anyone else what I'm writing. And this fear prevents me from writing at all. I am afraid of not measuring up. Measuring up to what? Someones idea of me? Their idea of what I should be? The more I contemplate this, the sillier it becomes.

Really. Think about it. We are writers. It's what we do. We didn't choose this vocation. Good Lord, why would ANYONE choose to be a writer? No, this calling came to us. And we accepted because to NOT accept would drive us crazier than accepting. Yes, writer's, you're doomed either way. But smile! Madness is contagious! We're all mad here.

So why AM I insecure about sending forth my writing into the great unknown? Judgement? Or the dreaded Rejection Letter? No. I think it's the fear of never making it. The thought of putting my whole life on hold in order to write, to study writing; to read the writing of others when I could be outside exploring. Or writing stories when I should be out there in the sunlight living stories instead. It is a fear of looking back in years to come and having nothing in terms of publication to show for it.

Is there a cure for this fear? Yes. Writing and submitting and letting go. The letting go is the hardest part. Write your hardest, actually send it out to those who could make your writing dreams come true, and let it go. It might get published. It might not. You might be the next JK Rowling. You may never ever see your work in print. So why keep writing? Why keep playing roulette? Because we have to. Because writing is supposed to be fun, expressive, and freeing.

I write because I have to. I write to explore what I'm afraid of. I write to be free of these fears. If that is all I accomplish in my life, shouldn't that be enough?

Yes. I think it should. What about you?

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  1. At some point, we have to let go. I felt better about my second book, because I had three critique partners as well as my two test readers helping. So I knew it was the best I could do. I just had to send it!

  2. Ah, that rickety limb of doom....we are all familiar with it.

    That's what I call my "putting my stuff out there"--it's the fear of judgment, failure, success, insignificance...whatever. It's tough to do--to put your creativity out there for everyone to see while we sit back and wait for reactions.

    I don't know a writer who doesn't feel like that. But hey, at least we aren't alone, right?

  3. I think we can both live and stories AND write about them. It's like living them twice. And, then there's the imagination. You're right, we can't not write.
    Write on!

  4. Thanks guys! I needed that encouragement. And it's very good to know we dont' have to walk this alone!!

    Jen xo

  5. Wonderful post. It is difficult letting our writing go off into the big wide world. We pour so much of ourselves into our writing that when someone judges our writing, we feel like they are judging us personally. And yet there is so much more satisfaction that comes when we write something we are proud enough to send out and share.

  6. *sigh* rejection ... I don't like it ... but I will keep writing.

  7. I am so new to this but I will keep helps keep my sanity and like you...face my fears. Keep on going Jen!

  8. All so true! I write to see how it ends, but I'd love to see my work in print. It's getting over that fear hurdle to send it out that's rough.

    Tina @ Life is Good
    and I are joining forces in a followup A to Z challenge. We're going to visit and comment at each of the original A to Z participants, and we hope you'll join us!

    Shannon @ The Warrior Muse

  9. I'm in the final phase of getting my first book ready to publish. I'm going the self-publishing route. Even so, this story has been on my computer for six years. The idea that it will be out there for the world is pretty scary.

    Very, very scary.

    But I'm doing it anyway.


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