Thursday, November 17, 2011

Write Ugly

Don't hide behind your words, behind perfectly constructed sentences and polished prose.

Let it all out.

Scream if you have to.

Be real.

Face your fears.

Confront demons.

Be fallible.

Make mistakes.

Your readers will love you for it.


  1. I'm not much of a screamer, but I can do the rest.

  2. It has taken me many decades to come to that realization. I don't have to be perfect, thin, rich, or beautiful. I have to be and do as God created me. Thanks!

  3. You'll be speaking for your readers.

  4. Great post. :) Sometimes it's the dark side that gives the writing real meaning.

  5. When I first began blogging, I would write well-thought out posts in Word and then edit and edit until I felt comfortable with cutting and pasting it onto the blog. While they were nice, I felt exhausted by the process and I think the real "me" was hiding behind all that editing.

    I just write now--and while it may be missing a few words, doesn't read so well, I think my thoughts are better represented that way. I've had a few people correct my word usage or spelling, but I figure if they want to grade me, they can....but I'm not in it for that.

    I think the best stuff comes out fast and furious. Well, for me anyway.

  6. Sometimes the screaming's necessary, isn't it? Great post!

  7. Ready to start screaming. Oh, I should be careful writing in coffee shops, though. I might scare the other caffeine addicts.

  8. Absolutely. Perfection is totally overrated and absolutely boring. :-)

  9. Absolutely. Perfection is totally overrated and absolutely boring. :-)

  10. Great post - if we write from the heart, that will translate to the reader.

  11. That's an awesome tip! :D Thanks!


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