Thursday, June 28, 2012

Emptying the Well

Two things:

We are officially moving this weekend AND the forecast is for 104* temps. Really?!?! Every other time I've moved it's rained. I guess I shouldn't complain so much about the rain, huh?

During my writing class, the professor posted something very profound and I wanted to share it with you. We've been discussion freewriting and one lady said that she always thinks about writing but puts it off. When she thought about this fiction writing class, she said, "Oh, it starts soon. I'll hold off on the writing and save up my energy for the class."

Waiting for something better. For a more opportune time.

And my professor said this:

"Writing is about emptying the well, all the time, every day, all of it, not holding anything back, not saving anything for later. The well fills up from within."

If you never empty the well, the water grows stagnant. Nothing can drink from it and the waters eventually dry up. It can never be refilled with fresh water. The old water just sits there, breeds mosquitoes and fades away.

Think about it.

Happy weekend!


  1. That is a great point, and so true. When I was doing the A-Z Challenge, I had so many ideas and just wanted to write all day long.

    I moved on the hottest day of the year once, and it was horrible. Best of luck getting all settled in to your new place!

    Kathy M.

  2. I love that advice--I always try to write as often as possible. Waiting for the opportune time feels wasteful to me. Good luck with the move! I'm hoping a freak cold front comes in for you. :)

  3. Great thought. That's what I like about blogging - I'm required to produce something three times a week! Bon courage on your move!

  4. Emptying the well - I can do that.
    Good luck moving in the heat! We're supposed to hit those temperatures as well.

  5. That's a very interesting point. And true!

    Hope the day proves to be cooler than 204; that's extremely hot, especially for a moving day!

  6. I love that! I haven't been to the well for the past 2 weeks because of my nightmarish schedule - but I've only 1 day of work before the break. then I'll work on emptying that well!

  7. I like that thinking! I typically write every day--whether its good or not. And I don't get bogged down with my spelling or the proper word usage. While all of that is important, I think it's more important to get the thoughts down and edit (or not) later.

    Happy Moving!

  8. That's so true. I haven't written in a while because the well was empty, but now the water's trickling in. Maybe it's time to empty it again and trust that more water will come.


  9. Great advice. Hope you didn't get the violent storms along with that heat like we did.

  10. Emptying the well. I love that! One of the reasons I love blogging. At least the well gets partly emptied.

  11. I really, really like this emptying-the-well idea... drop by drop... every little bit counts.

  12. Wonderful, Jen. Good luck with your move.

  13. Wow, that is seriously profound. I'm going to write that down and tape it up near my desk. I finished writing my second book a couple weeks ago and decided to take a short break from writing, even though new characters have been tapping me on the shoulder all day every day...writing is my passion but I do have the unfortunate tendency to procrastinate, like many other writers. I'm inspired to get back at it tomorrow, no matter what - thank you! :-)

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  15. Ugh, moving is traumatic enough without this horrid heat! I bet y'all looked like you'd been swimming from sweating so much.

    That's a fabulous quote. I strive to empty the well in many areas of my life.

  16. I think the whole well thing sounds pretty, but a bit Literary professorish. Most people who put off writing are either uninspired or have better things to do. At least those are the reasons my friends and I choose not to write sometimes. I guess I don't believe in the write-whether-you-want-to-or-not technique.


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